PMO Free Companion Challenge - Entries Closed

Welcome to my PMO Companion challenge. My first challenge l post and if it ain’t a success all goods.

  1. DM your companion that l chose for you and keep score with each other in a private dm. Every 5 days log the score of you and your companion here

  2. Add +1 points to your name if you didn’t relapse

  3. Remove -1 points for the person that relapsed and remove -2 points to there companion.

Now here is where things are different to other people’s challenges.

Whenever you succeed of a day without relapse treat yourself as a reward to your success.
For example a little bar of chocolate - best reward is food but nothing sexual. Make sure to only have the reward if you didn’t relapse. Be Honest with yourself


if you or your companion relapse none of you get to treat yourself to a reward.

This challenge is designed to think twice when relapsing as you will affect the score of your companion as well as denying them having a treat for themselves.

What counts as a relapse in this challenge

  • No peeking on purpose. If by accident remove it from your sight asap
  • No masturbating (touching of any kind)
  • No Orgasms
  • No Porn
  • No Sex or anything sexual
    Fantasy thoughts doesn’t count as a relapse but just be careful tho.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them


Add me my code bejqjq


Feel free to add people, mention someone u think needs a bit of competition and stuff. My share code ixngs2 . I too will join my challenge lol see if we can get a few people in here and for someone to be my companion in this.

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Add me too… My code 5okgss
I have struggle alot but still below the line… to succeed.
If I get the same enthusiastic energy which I can see in others definitely I will do it too.
But for that I need a companion.
Who help me every single time I fall down.
Can anyone help me?

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I would like to join this challenge
Sharing code: fsnd9y


I would like to join
My sharing code is 2td8i8
Also I need a companion


Just realized that since I’m not regular role on this app l don’t have the permission to make a scoreboard for all to edit. This is how is going to go. I still wait for more people and then when challenge is closed l will pair you up to a companion (you vs someone else) and you DM each other for

  1. your score
  2. to support each other in difficult times

Every 5 days put you and your companions score here as an update

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Hi. I want to join.

My code is: s3qiil

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Challenge still open but here is the list of companions that will be partnered up with each other. Remember to DM them and always check in with them and follow the score and rules above.

Companions so far - more to come when people join up

@Agent897 VS @Mitchy

@Hopesstillalive VS @Adioz_aka_Adidas

@Ruffy VS @ELI05

@Alpaco VS @Mehedi934

When we get more people you can request another companion if for some reason you don’t want to go with the one l chose for you



Ok I will wait one more day and if we get more people or not we will still start. Next post will let you all now when the challenge begins. Also I haven’t told you how long the challenge is. I think 30 days is good enough. Stay strong everyone

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Please add me too!! My code is ez3fnx

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I would like to participate in this challenge. My code is vygrxz


Last chance: Any problems, issues etc about the challenge you don’t understand because next announcement l will start the challenge. So ask your questions now if any

Hey @Mitchy
I didn’t understood this point can you explain it more clearly…
Why -2 point remove??

Before competition starts I just wanna talk to @Hopesstillalive companion.

The reason why your companion loses more points than you when you relapse is to make you think twice about things. I wanted this challenge to not be focused on “oh well l Relapse but I’m going to beat my companion” but instead “oh my l relapsed and feel guilty that my companion loses points and stuff”. So if the Relapse ain’t guilty enough affecting your companion will kinda thing. I hope that makes sense


Do you know who is more active in this thread?
May be he will help me… if my current companion won’t reply to dm.
I am currently in confusion whether I should choose that companion or not…!!

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I am dming others so hopefully people come to this challenge. In terms of the challenge itself you only need to reply once a day if u relapsed or not and change score accordingly in dm. This being said it’s also best to support your companion so l see your point. If l can’t find anyone up for the challenge then I’m sorry but you stuck with what u got


I would like to join this challenge
My sharing code : k8vnil


@Adioz_aka_Adidas if your companion is still not active by the time the challenge starts then it’s @anon41607238 VS @Adioz_aka_Adidas


Feel free to add me too 5539d5. Add me too

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