PMO Free 2018 Accountability Partner


Sharing code - 84b7fb

Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - US

Looking for an accountability partner for 2018 who is hope filled, determined, and understanding. I’m looking for someone that is willing exchange phone numbers and check in with each other every day or every other day as well as call anytime one of us is triggered and deserves some assistance to pull them through the moment. I’m looking for someone who has an optimistic mindset as well as an open heart and mind. I’ve been in recovery for years and I’m quite friendly, though sometimes I write a lot, sorry, it’s just how I roll haha (: if anyone is interested please PM me. My goal this year is to make 2018 a PMO free year. Let’s do it!


Hey bro
Ill like to be your accountability partner.
Even i need alot of support and looking myself for a partner who can push my boundaries.

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Hey bro Even I’m looking for an accountability partner.

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Rock on my friend! let’s do it (: I’ll shoot you a private message


Add me too! I could use all the help I could get

Code: 4dba32

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Added bro… Feels great to recieve a text from u


And ill like to share my phone no with u as well just let me know where should i send u the no? How can we privately send it here?


There is a private messaging section to the forum that you can access by clicking the V for your name in the top right corner. Your account must first be active enough for them to turn on the messaging first, but it doesn’t take much.