PMO and nofap benefits

Hey, i just relapsed after 1.5 months. Startimg again today. What are the actial benefits of all this? Thanks!

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Hey man, welcome to the community!

For me personally, the benefits are mostly psychological and moral.

The PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) cycle makes me feel like crap. My self-esteem, my motivation, and my life plummets in quality. I feel lazy and I don’t get things done. Additionally, over years of watching it, I started using it as an escape from any bad feelings. I started to lose touch with my emotions and stopped utilizing healthy coping methods.

On a moral level, I want to be clean for my future girlfriend and wife, and I hate having a dirty secret to keep from everyone. I feel gross when I watch it.

All these problems started to become fixable when I decided to quit PMO. I could take back control of my life and take the wheel.

But everyone’s got different reasons, those are just some of mine.

Good luck man! I wish you the best in figuring this out :+1: