Plz tell me its true or wrong

If porn watch but no masterbate this case show relapse???

Of course it is.

Your brain is contaminated with porn
You can rewire if you keep feeding it bad content.

The goal my friend is not to count days. The counter is extra encouragement, but don’t ever aim for number of days


This is 3 times relapse if you did like this …count like this…
If you did m * without p* then only 1 relapse

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Don’t beat yourself up, it’s just a minor setback
You will beat it.

Love your self in the first place, after all only you can help you, so don’t upset you , you’re good, you’re trying, You’re in the right place, you can do it

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Porn = fap (masturbation) Both are big danger for your our brain .

it’s your choice

We start this journey to be enough with ourselves not with any illusions outside , skip it all to gain your best .
this road is belong for real ones only , so come and join it , no time for any excuses right now .

face your inside ennemies

Because those will lead for the first step to gain it

Don’t listen to any posion telling you it’s fine

you know that porn is one and the sensitive step that lead anyone for

Any first of uncontinied circle of bad habits (first (peek - edge - fap…etc)) and we not lose for this one peek we lose because we can’t stop this uncontinuned circle …

Try to know why you start this , to not return back to ask this question again …

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