Plz Help Me....!


:black_small_square:How long have you been trying nofap?

From 3 years 6 months.
Started from 31 december 2016

:black_small_square: Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?

Yes… I remember i have recovered several times in between… not fully but i have tasted good life thats why i want to try again & again. The worry is that i am afraid of pain & suffering… struggles in general…

:black_small_square:What is the problem you need help with?

I welcome any advice from anyone… even from a guy who have never reached day 7… all advices are welcome… i want to get to the root of it.

:black_small_square:In which situations does the problem occur?

When i watch some hot video … from there it gets very tough to handle the urges… temptations. I usualy get temptations after some angry fights with family members… sometimes after sexual dreams… sometimes from girl images… and even sometimes from imagination.

:black_small_square:What did you already try?

I have tried nofap motivation stories from youtube.
Motivation from spiritual gurus…
Motivation from my ugly life… to better my health and overall wellness…
Motivation from successful nofappers.
Making competitive groups on this app.

I have tried doing hard work to replace my bad habits.
I have tried positive self talks … affirmations…
Writing Diary.
Doing what i love … like playing video games and listening to music.
Eating a balanced diet.
Going on fasts.

Going outside my comfortable zone.
Talking with family members.
Maintaing a companionship for mutual nofap goals.

Loving Myself.
Remaining good even if others bitch about me.
Returning back to forum.

So… i think that’s it.
Plz Help Me !


I have bookmarked it.
I am feeling sleepy now… i will read it in morning.
Thanks for helping.


7 days challenge is good read


Hey Sahas :slight_smile:,

I was addicted to pmo for 11 years. The only reason why I’ve been 43 Days clean is because of Jesus’ power. Everytime I felt isolated and alone, I reached out to Jesus, and He comforted me. Everytime waves of temptation hit me, I reached out to Jesus, and the temptations left. Jesus is a faithful friend, and He never leaves us.

[email protected]


Why do you watch “hot videos”?

Block it. Any insta pictures,Facebook pictures. If it is a problem, Block it. Do not watch it. If it doesn’t help just cut off your connection to the internet but before make sure that you will have enough books to read, overall work to do. When you won’t have the connection to the internet it Will be almost impossible to jerk off.

Give me address of this man… i need him.


I started jerking off when i was 14.
I jerked from my imagination for 2 years before switching to pictures…
Then i switched to song videos… later porn.


We have to clean our phone + our mind also. We don’t need holy water. We need strong will power and good mindset


My prayer is often this, “Jesus, I know you are here. Thankyou for helping me stay on the good path. Thankyou for loving me, and giving me strength to obey you.” I haven’t physically seen Jesus, but I have felt His pressence, and heard His voice. He communicates with us from Heaven, and sends His Holy Spirit to the hearts of those who follow Him faithfully.


Well Brother - Dont Worry

  • Thats Life, Just Realize That.

Now For Your Case - What Do You Truly Want???

  • I am Not Talking About ‘Being A Better Human’ Or ‘Forgetting My Limitations/Becoming A SuperHuman’

  • I am talking about These goals - what life you want - what life you wish to be living every single day. Maybe Its Selfish -Maybe You Feel You are being greedy - But accept that first - Its upto god to decide -

  • Tell Yourself The Name Of Your Deity - Pray Every Time An Urge Comes Up.

If You Want It - Here It is - I am A Christian - Hence The Prayer I Use - You Are Always Free To Use It.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ
We Pray And ask you to Break the influence of sexual thoughts and Images Over my mind and My Body,
Please Forgive Me , Set Me free From All Consequences Of This Sin.
Cleanse Me From All Dissapointment Of My Spirit, Mind And Body At a concious subconcious and unconcious level,
Please Take All This Energy I Have , My Goals And My Passion - And Direct It Towards My Lifes Purpose.
In Jesus Almighty Name we pray - Amen , Amen And Amen.

Goal- Is The Goal Bigger Than Sexual Urges Brother?
It Means That The Goal Is Not In Line With Your Destiny ,
Think Bigger , Better - Not For SuperHuman Level Stuff
For Your Goals - Your Family Brother .
You Are Well Into Adulthood - Responsiblities are gonna be obviously there
Just Remember - You Gonna Lose Your Dream By 50 PERCENT! With Every Relapse!!

Now - Just Imagine You Got An Urge - As Soon As You Get That Urge - Put Your Family In Front Of You - Put Your Dream In Front Of You.
Ask Yourself Thinking About The Urge - “IS THIS USEFUL?” While Tapping your fingers with each word ,
Tell Boldly - “NO” To That Statement Before Your Brain Even Has A Chance to React
The Energy To not Relapse Will Automatically Be Directed To This Fact - If You Think About A GOAL Strong Enough. None Of Us Are Competing For Mister Universe Or Something :joy:
Get Your Dream - Destiny Will Automatically Make Everything Right.
A Statement Does Nothing - Assertion Gives Nothing
But Decision To be Mad Enough To Achieve A Goal - SHAKES THE WORLD…

We Are All Gonna Make It Brother - Forget Your Past Since It Did Not Help You
Work Still - But With A New Attitude
You Will Win This Addiction

Just Think About This - Say A Person Similar To you Comes Up Later In your Childs Life When He/she Is All Grown Up- Would You Allow Her/Him To Date Your Only Child ?? Its Your Call - Change For A brighter Future
I Dont Mean Any Offense To Anyone - This Is All I Can Help - Rest Is Upto You Brother
Good Luck


Bro what @Thenofap_king said is true.
I would never be able to reach no Gap without Jesus’ help.
Please, I’m not trying to be a fanatic, you asked for what helped and I’m telling you that, that’s all.

You don’t need Jesus’ address, just ask Him and He will speak. But be patient. Many people have taken years to hear Him.
I am still fully learning how to listen to Him.

Don’t give up man, you are an inspiration to many people here, including me


Divinity Does Not Have An Address
World Has Equal Proportions Of Good And Bad
Even Normal Things Are Composed Of Matter And Antimatter.

Always Remember Brother - They Always Have Equal Proportions

98 % Of the people in this world Over indulge in sex, Narcotics , Drugs , Tobacco Etc…
Now The 2% Are The People Having A Change In This World - Ones Who Have Flaws But Lord Has Planned Great Things For Them
The Impact Of Good And Bad Was Equal - Good Prevailed - Else Society Today Would Still be Filled With Merciless Kings

Jesus Has A Simple Advice For Everyone:-

  • Love God With All Your Heart
  • Love Your Neighbour As Your Own Self

This Forms Basis Of The Entire Religion Itself - Often Being Labelled As The Greatest Commandment Ever…

One Of The Most Influential Monks Swami Vivekananda While Studying About Religions - Told That if He Had Lived During His Time - He Would Have Washed The Feet With The Blood Of His Heart.
Im Not Using His Name To Glorify Jesus Name - I Do That Without Needing To - A Person Who Is Able to believe that These Miracles Happened 2000 Years Ago - Without Seeing Through His Own Eyes - Gets One BIG Advantage - he Believes That He Is Alive Today - And Standing By His Side - This Greatness Just Helps Us To GO Ahead Always.
Belief And Hope Is What Is The True meaning Of Life Itself - Ruining It Now Will Only Push us Backward From Our Beliefs And Our Hope - Hence Making life Go In A Reverse Gear.

These Were My Thoughts On This Topic - You Are More Than Free To Message Me Yours…


Tonight i will call him and ask for his help.
I have always been a faithful child.
My call will connect… soon.


@Ash_Matt @hunt1ng4self-control @Thenofap_king

Thanks all 3 of you. Jesus was great.
He changed life of billions… even after leaving his body.
His teachings are still inspiring youth to break free from addictions.


You can do anapana guided meditation by SN Goenka. It will help you bro.


This post seems long but these are my personal experiences, it may help you!

*Like a wise man once said we should learn from our mistakes but from others as well (coz this life is not that big to try all the mistakes of others as well) - by selfconqurer, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (anonymous)

Ok now,
How we start this habit? first with light videos then some p, then some more hardcore stuff and later we get aroused even from a small glimpse of some pictures and go back to p*

I think the major culprit is p*

So I think we have to permanently remove this habit the same way we started it…
So how did I stop it? I have not reached a very great streak or something but I want to share what I tried…
First I was trapped in the chaser and I binge watched p* then after getting tired I set a couter that I will masturbate but not with p* that stuff is over (I said to myself that I can relapse watching soft p* from movies) … So I tried to control my urges but there was only one target of no p* so I watched arousing scenes from movies, I wanted to go back to p but did not (I said I only expect you to quit p* nothing else, can’t you get rid off this single habit?)
A few weeks passed
Then I literally became bored from movie scenes coz I really can’t find enough of it (as there are not so many great movie scenes like p* there is not limitless variety) and then I decided to not watch any arousing stuff even the slightest because it became too boring and I could not go back to p* as I saw my counter with it attached reasons that why I stopped this habit (now as I cant find new scenes so it stops here, remember I did not put any control over relapsing just not relapsing from p*)
I said you can relapse through imagination but did not feel like to do with that because it was really too boring…
And then a month of nofap passed (in between I got urges to relapse but was too bored to watch the same stuff) and then there came an idea, then I set another timer for no soft p* or any arousing stuff even the slightest and set my reason why I am doing so.

Slowly I realized that I am not getting p* flashbacks even when I get urges in morning as the memories of that slowly was fading
slowly seeing the counter it gave a boost to me that old habit is over I don’t have to go back old ways…
And now I don’t get flashbacks and now p* and arousing stuff doesnot count as option (I see my counter and I feel from inside that I have really come too far, there is no point to fail)
Now I get questions like am I such a loser that I cannot get real stuff so I am doing selfgratification, imagining other girls or things which I cannot get…do I want to be such a looser and a fool? Have I been brought to earth for doing this, is this how I make myself and my parents proud of myself?
Am I gonna spend rest of my life relapsing in this same room and become good for nothing for my whole life?
In hindi I say kya mai itta nithalla, tharki aur khali hu, meri zindagi me aur kuch bhi isse behtar krne ko nahi kya, kya mai bas baith k relapse (hilau)kru? It seems cocky but these questions really feel and hurts man and brings shame in my eyes and my guts when I ask these type of questions to myself…It’s such a useless thiing to do and am I this useless, is this my standard that I set for myself and a lot more questions like this comes randomly, if they don’t come then I forcefully ask myself… So I let go that thought and focus on my work…
Now whenever urges arrive I just shift my attention over some other task…
This will surely take you time like a month or two at max but I think it works also along with this I slowly developed some useful habits like meditation, eating healthy food, exercise, gratitude, affirmation, nofap reasons, study (a lot of other stuff) to distract my mind, also I’ve experienced that these tasks are really very very important as I have also experienced that when I stop doing some of these taks for more then few weeks then I fail somehow or other (as I cannot utilize the energy which we get from nofap and then end up in relapse)…
Also this seems to work for me, may or may not work for you but you have to Think, analyse and then apply what suits best to you and most importantly don’t lose hope and keep going once you get that momentum (learn from others mistakes as well) All the best brother, we will surely come out from this shitty habit together :+1::+1::muscle::muscle:


Yes… We will win … definately.


Hi, Kk how can I help you.

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I am alright now.
Thanks for the help.