Plz help me (Stuck in chaser effect)

I made 12 days streak , while on this journey i was very happy because it was the first time i made such a big streak in hard mode . But then i feel bored i don’t why but i made this stupid decision and i relapsed .All my motivation, momentum falls from top to bottom . Now now i am stuck in relapse cycle . From the past 3 days i fapped 12 times. I am depressed i don’t know what to . plz help me guys . Share some of your experiences of how you come out from this relapse cycle aka chaser effect.It will really be helpful to me.

I went into a full flatline after getting the chaser effect and fapping non-stop. It sucked for me as I knew after every relapse that I’d have 3-4 days of uncontrolled chaser urges…but I always found it stopped after day 4. Chaser effect is awful but you can ride it out. Once you hit that day where it’s out and you’re ‘back to normal’ you will be able to continue.

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Personally, I think the “chaser effect” is not something where you have to wait until a specific day to get out of. You just need to be strong. And that doesn’t mean resisting temptation because the more you dwell on No’Fap’ the more 'cap’n you’re thinking of (if that makes any sense to you.)
12 times in four days seems like you have too much time on your hands focusing on your desires.
I recommend always staying busy. Create yourself a schedule so you can keep yourself occupied. Dont just randomly plan out during the day because in the end we know it’s easy to fall back in the trap when you have nothing to do.
Instead, if you find yourself bored with nothing to do, find a compatibility partner or read the easypeasy method book.
The problem I see here is (if I’m not mistaken) is that you’re spending too much time wasting your time. Chaser effect is frustrating, but thinking it’s fine because you’re at day 01 is no excuse. Can’t get to day 100 without 99 days of day 01.
God Bless.


Yes bro u re right , i spent too much time in wasting my time and probably that is the reason i feel bored and relapse.