Pls help me out guys and also help me to know how to write a journal

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Why I want a companion -Idk I am just tired and in tears feeling hopeless and purposeless in life need someone who can understand me and help me out with this addiction and be accountable all the time


@Risen Do everything but not fap. It will literally kill you. Get rid of this shit asap.


See this :point_up_2: this bottom and specially if you are in first days will be a good idea in hard times of attacking … believe that everything can be controled with your thoughts
Just say stop :stop_sign: and move on or click on this bottom ( that helps sometimes if you insist )

Do not hesitate a lot when you need to express something, be strong

Like dijva said do everything except no fap … learn something new … move and move and don’t let told you what to do …

Our past will lead us for the greatness , take care .


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