Pls help me is that a relapse?😭

I got some rashes on my p**s ( because of weather)
Doc said to apply coconut oil for its treatment
I applied by both hands
It became erect
I left it
After some time It became erect again and automatically ejaculated.
I didn’t watch P
Or anything erotic not even a single pic or video.
Is this a relapse
Pls help me​:pray::broken_heart:

I think it’s simple. If after auto ejaculation if you get onto chaser and masturbate 2-3 times then i would consider it as relapse. Otherwise if after ejaculation you go on with your life without further peaking or intentional ejaculation then it’s not relpase.

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Thanks for replying buddy after that ejaculation my mind is saying to watch P and do that thing but I m supressing myself not gonna watch P at any cost

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Yes i think this is your recurring problem. If you don’t give in to the urges now then i guess your problem will fade away slowly. It’s not relpase so keep going on.

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Doc said to apply this oil on your pe*** and let it.
Why you did you torture it with both hand why.

Bro it’s releapse but keep strong. Nothing bad was happen. Start again and find new way of divertissement like workout running swimming.
Get up Bro don’t stay the while day legging on your bed to apply coconut oil on it.
Get up Bro and find something that make your body feel strong.

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Now I m resetting my streak

Thank god at least I hadn’t watched any porn or anything else.
My mind was saying me to relapse again but I came outside from home vro​:pray::fire:

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