Pls help me get out from hell

Guys I have been really trying to quit this habit of masturbation and watching porn. But I really don’t know how. Pls help me

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Hello brother, I recommend this book below. It’s free, proven, and impactful.

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After failing around 900 times I found a way to help me. First is realization of all the bad things that happen when you masturbate. Most importantly the time lost . We have to save time and use it wisely fine? So everyday make sure you do atleast 8 things then after sometime make it 10 and 15. Once you do those 8 things you will realise your potential and will finally understand how much time you waste on watching porn. This time you can utilise to save and work hard fine

Next what has helped me is that i tend to completely forget that i am on nofap and just open a bad website. So what is helped me is that

I write the number of streak on my homepage
So now it has helped me become much more mindful of what i am doing and how many days of that i have accomplished and it feels really good when after 24hrs i have to make a new wallpaper with a different streak number on it!

Hope it helps brother realise time is precious you won’t get it again dont waste you youth make yourself look the best in this age . And stop masturbating so that you can have a better sex life that is what we want in the end right?

y do you want to quit?

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