Please tell me guys ^_^

What benefits have you got during this nofap???

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I have gained this insight that life will be tough and problems will always be there

You’ll have to solve them

Fap or NoFap ull get upset and have setbacks in life
And at times you’ll not be confident not all girls will start falling for you because you stopped fapping ull not achieve some ultimate happy state of mind atleast not always

But a person who faps all the time will run from his problems hoping they will leave him or just disappear one day and he will be all happy having sex with amazing girls if not that then he will fap by looking at attractive women’s media and his job and financial condition will be all good and all this will happen on its own which is a false belief he will just keep hoping and the disappointment will soon make him broken hearted in a sence

But the person who will control this addiction from taking over him will solve the problems which will always come along and he will be happy that he is doing what’s right and the rest what is required he will gain on his own by working towards it not by mear chance of not having problems he will understand no matter what time and situations will affect all of us sometime

This mindset is what I gained from no fap keep solving the problems at hand and you’ll be happy as one could be accept your struggle


hey maybe what you say is true, when i fap i always try to run away from problems to get porn, etc. but the problem is always there and keeps piling up eventually it becomes a thing that really torments me, but after i started nofap i started to accept all the problems that piled up and solve them one by one until finally I feel like a very useful and energetic person, maybe that’s what makes us happier.


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