Please someone tell me what changes you saw in yourself after 30 days. Plz plz

Anything ranging from positive to negative, everything.

After completing 30 days of no fap. I felt a certain urge again piling up inside my body. It gets tougher to maintain the urge, but at the same time I felt energetic, less like an unambitious person.


Ty Babi.
Guys I just wanted to say I’m a looser who is unable to find a way in life. All I’m looking for is just something that could push me to 90 days. It’s getting frustrating.

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My longest streak was 2 months I felt much more confident , energetic, could overcome a lot . Also my sleep Greatly improved !! Now I sleep so late wake up late and tired … There’s a reason why in most religions it is advised to stay virgin before mariage … and not consume porn … now I relapsed and feel like shit … tired face , just want to sit and play games all day , losing interest in socialising … Screw it … but now that I seen how much better I could feel after nofap over 2 months I will definitely try it again and my advice would be to quit doing this shit , it will ruin your life


What is your current streak bro.??

For me, its hard to remember, since I’ve got almost 107 days under my belt. Regardless, I think the biggest help I can give you is to give this advice: Recovery from PMO is so much more than just accumulating the sobriety. Yes, it does help a lot with rebooting your brain, but it is not going to make your life perfect. What you really need is a purpose or purposes. Why are you doing this, truly? What will you gain? What will you have to sacrifice to get that reward? You really have to look deep inside yourself and ask these questions. Because honestly, when I told myself that I wanted to be sober because I wanted to take my life back and be the best version of myself I can be, that’s when I was able to really be successful. Because I had something to hold on to when the times get tough, because sooner or later, they will. But you’ll get through it.


Longest 20 currently on 2.

Here I go

  1. I stop giving fuck
    2)unbearable erections at night & morning sometimes I wish that I chop my own dick.
    3)pleasures from all little things
    4)workouts are improved
    5)less procrastination
    6)being arrogant asshole
    7)taking care of myself

Things were great when I was on my longest streak but I trapped again now I am on final journey to leave pm behind rest of my life.

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