Please share your voice change experiences

I’d love to know your experiences of getting better voices after stopping PMO. Kindly share them.

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Improving your voice is something beyond Nofapping. Your voice comes together with the strengthening of your personality. Also, with ideias and opinions that come from you or are just thoughtless repetition of other’s “voices”. Once you quit fapping and, at the same time, build up a strong personality and identify what opinions are really yours or others’, you’ll notice a huge voice improvement.

I hope I helped.


On longer streaks my voice becomes noticeably deeper, my family said the same.


How long streak, and what is your High Streak?

8e2410 tahir’s sharing code.
He is on 228 dy streak.

What is your sharing code? @batish

On avg voice changes start to happen around day 20 for me.
My current one, you can follow me 8e2410


5499ee0 my sharing code

Yes, my voice becomes deep & powerful…

Like… i become a Man from a Boy.

It happens around 4th week or earlier.

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