Please help me to solve this problem

I m a clg student and i want to study really really
I want to read books and study for long hours.
But i dont know why I m not able to concentrate and my schedule is messed up
To be honest here I m wasting my days by using smartphone all day and watching TV
Pls help me how can i study without these distractions. And after wasting whole day my mind feels guilt that i wasted this day again
Pls help me any suggestions any schedule Or anything


Read “atomic habits” and “deep work”
It will help a lot
Don’t pressure yourself. You have to like studying other wise you will not be able to work hard


Use the pomodoro technique

Study 25 mins. Rest 5 mins. Continue.


You can’t study for long time at one instance right? or having multiple goals at a time would be damn difficult. Importantly, your brain won’t allow to do so. It takes time to become a habit. After that everything will be easy.
I found the below tips useful from LinkedIn.

  1. Own the situation: Understand the fact that you are responsible for your own feelings.
  2. Acknowledge you are Worth
  3. Commit to getting stronger


  1. Small Wins: [One smart goal which should be tangible and complete it ]
  2. Then acknowledge yourself.
  3. Make it for another.
  4. Repeat
    Once small wins you complete.
    Go for Long term goals
    Feed your positivity
    Then Celebrate and Repeat

In between anywhere stuck then,

  1. go for Small wins again
  2. Talk to a mentor or someone who can guide you while achieving the current goal
  3. Adopt one small behavior to reinforce your new path

Most important part, when you are in a positive direction and about to see a ray of light or a change in you, there will be a hell lot of distraction of PMO. If you seek for temporary pleasure.Then there will never be any brighter side. Even though you are sucessful,you won’t really enjoy it (ME perfect example) You will go into the LOOP. So best time to turn around is now and STOP, if you feel something is not right.

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Wahhh!!! :fire::fire:Perfect package for the solution @JonSnow001

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Thanku all guys thanku very much this means a lot for me and i m definitely gonna try this today

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