Please help me out. I have a doubt

Guys I have a question.

actually I had phymosis so I have been suggested to massage my penis for some time with oil or lube. Normally I don’t ejaculate while doing that but today I did so, but I’m sure while I ejaculated I wasn’t watching porn nor was I thinking about sex or naked ladies. Whatever happened just happened naturally. shall i consider it as a relapse?

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@J.guy Relapse in this case is the slightest problem. The problem of phymosis gone?

Yeah , it helps. I have progressed a lot since the past years.
Maybe because I never had that severe case :thinking:.

But whatever, I had it. And this exercise actually helped a lot.

So, shall I consider it as a relapse ?

@J.guy You can do it more gently so I think Yes. Can’t be your excuse such kind of training. Anyway you lost your semen. But it should be considered by you. This is your life and your choice.

You masturbated so it’s a relapse. Reset your counter.

Don’t you like that answer? Then you know what your answer is. :man_shrugging:

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Get circumcision done for phymosis. Rest it is a relapse. You could have stopped when the penis started getting harder while you were massaging it. It’s not that you did not noticed when your massaging converted into masturbating to achieve an orgasm. Surely it is a relapse.

You were conciously not thinking about them but surely, somewhere in the sub-concious mind, there was running those images and videos at the time you were messaging. As far as my experience goes, you can’t just masturbate without feeling anything. Anyways, reset the counter amd bounce back stronger.
And get well soon!