Please help me its urgent

My testis are not hurting continouesly but they are giving me a shock of hurt. And semen had reached my pennis.

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Hi do u masterbate 4 times a day or even more

Ya I do that about 4 months ago. But now my avarage is 0.5/day

Buddy after you masturbate , drink lots of water and do no fap for one week… It will go away

Friend i’m on 2 day streak and its just a starting so i can’t relapse. So tell me some way that can help me now.

Ya i’ll try this next time when i’ll relapse but what to do now?

Bro take deep breathe and relax and think ur testies is fine its works👍

Its still hurting or not

Thanks it helped but what about semen

I think ur semen is white and watery it’s TRUE …

Ur testies feel pain cuz of decreased blood flow and tight clothing.

I am getting crazy
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Stop acting like a child.
You are not going to die.
If you think it’s serious, go see a doctor.
Otherwise, hold on, we all experienced this and it’s nothing unusual.


Yaa its true it’s just a lack of T

We all experienced that
Do some exercise daily (PC exercise)
Eat healthy

Forget about semen, my semen leaks even when i do a heavy workout. It is just a liquid.

Eat healthy. Excercise hard and dont watch porn.

For your shock of pain, its just a beginning problem, and it is temporary actualy it is not a problem, take it as a sign of healing. Drink a lot of water and go for toilet. Thats it.

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Now I am good thanks to you all


Ya you’re right.
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