Please help me i am failing again and again

i am failing again and again into the same shit from last month December 22 to till now i have relapsed 7 times, i was just searching movies on telegram to download and i stumbled upon a porn channel while searching for movie and it started with just a look to a hour session of pmo now i am feeling worthless and trapped feeling like i will be never be able to escape this trap.but i really want to leave this behind because in next 3-4 months i am getting married. and i don’t want this habit to ruin my marriage and my life. i just need little help a companion who can guide me and motivates me also i need porn blocker for my phone please suggest me a good one.

please help me brothers please.


Bulldog blocker and Blockerx are Blockers I use

where can i get them?

Do one thing take a fire and burn your phone, if not gonna happen then train your mindset

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The Google Play store

Read/listen to
Mindset by carol dweck
Atomic habits by james clear

i use lithium to read books on android
and smart audio book player on android
i downloaded them from mobilism forum
books i get from “zlibrary” and “audiobookbay”
use virustotal to check any/everything you download
although they are trusted sites only

and download “WakingUp” app by Sam harris and send support a message to give you free year and then start meditating everyday

start working out/exercising if you dont already (i also use “Fitify” app for exercise from mobilism, just make sure u scan from virustotal if u want to use)

try to cut caffine from life slowly and waking up earlier(it also helps to meditate early morning)

and help other people or just keep in touch with people u know (share feelings and all)

there are endless things i can suggest but idk if it realy will help or not, just go out and have fun i guess really.

and meditation and exercise habits will pay off big time if you keep up

i dont do most of these things, but u asked for help so i said

goodluck brother
Humans have lots of potential which nothing will ever be able to stop

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Feel free to message me everyday if needed. Right now it’s showtime and addiction is not a choice when marriage comes into play. I spent 4 years of shame in my marriage. I’m not perfect and neither are you. Let’s do this together :muscle:

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