Please help me having too much urges please i think i. Will fap today

Please i am fed up with having a count of only 2 digits i want to cross 100 days
Today i m having a huge urges can somebody get me out of this hell…:persevere::persevere:

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Bro, switch off your phone now immediately and take rest( sleep) or call friends and go out or go alone immediately


I posted this somewhere else, they are like 2 different posts of mine, reposting them with some edits. Hope this helps.

In most cases, especially for shorter streaks, we would be like, its okay, I will relapse once and start over again… May be this or it may be something else for you but we always know exactly
what our brain thinks before we relapse, We have to tell our head why its not the right mindset and we have to make counter arguments with our head ready… If our head says, relapse once and start again, we could tell that we could keep saying that for the next whole year or so and still we wont be going anywhere… Most people that really wants to quit will quit then and there, will quit at any cost… Will suffer any consequences because ultimately they want to get better… That desire and passion to quit, to get better has to run through your veins day in and day out. I want to fight this, thats the Mentality you should have.

Also urges are very normal, each urge you conquer, your confidence increases… They are like stepping stones to success… It also tests your strength, make sure you win. :muscle: Because what you get, when you win, is too sweet… You will love yourself, happy with yourself, nothing better than that…also this intensity of urges fade over time. Just tell this to yourself, no matter how strong the urges are, I will never masturbate… Keep resisting, put your focus on other important things in your life… Go through this pain and there will be light at the end… Sometimes we have to suffer a bit, because we did ruin things for ourselves through PMO for years, so why not resist or suffer a little to enjoy a lifetime of peace and happiness. To conquer this addiction and be free…


What if we take urges as something natural, a part of resetting, why scared of it if we know its going to come, we dont need to distract ourselves instead we can feel the urge coming, hitting its peak and then going away knowing that each urge is going to take us a step closer to our destination? All it takes to conquer these urges is to decide firmly on conquering.

we do know exactly what kind of thinking make us relapse and so we need to tell ourselves repeatedly that thats not the case

I have urges every single day… I told these to myself often to keep myself motivated to conquer those urges.

From day 1 to day 15 - I told myself, If I need to look myself in the eye and say that i am not an addict, to know for sure that I have self control, I need to cross that 15 days. Else, how can i achieve anything in life?

From day 15 to day 30 - You did the impossible, just hold on till day 30, then only u can truly know for yourself that you are not an addict. Its proving to myself.

Day 30 to day 60 - you did what you wanted, you proved to yourself that you can be away from PMO… But look at the positives, dont you want to be best version of yourself? Why be in the loop of porn… Handle 30 more days, come on… You can do it. If you can do 30,you can easily do 60…

From 60 to 90 - great, 60…Now everyone that has done this said 90 days was the bench mark. Can u cross it? Its too late to go back now… Its the hurdle of 60 days, u cant relapse now… 30 more days and you will be free…

After 90 - badly, badly wanted to relapse coz I felt I am free… But, I told myself again… Atleast reach 100, a round figure then u can see…

After 100- I am going 100 more, I am on the journey of self improvement, I am feeling so good about myself in a long long time, happy… So why not keep going? This time, not 10,not 30, I am telling my head, its not right to do PMO, it never was and I am not doing it again… Wait for the real thing when u get a partner :blush:

I am a Christian so… I close my eyes and pray to god to give me stength to resist these urges, during an urge… That helped me a lot… By the time I open my eyes, urge went away

Just close your eyes, be strong about never relapsing by looking at the bigger picture, take pride in resisting, take it as challenge…