Please Help me guys!

5 days ago ,I broke my streak of 7 days I was not able to control it but after that fap , I am having no urges , my mind is always thinking about death and life , my neck is paining from that day
I am not sure, is it a flatline or something else ?
Please Help


Relapse can make us go in a very low state of mind but remember it is temporary once our brain starts to create good natural amount of dopamine we become ok try meditation and exercise and eat healthy to help the brain create dopamine naturally and recover faster also the negative thoughts and low mood we face well there is only so much we can do about it but always keep in the back of your mind that it is temporary and will soon go away and don’t keep thinking about it and go in a loop but instead try to keep your mind busy try to keep doing something ,keep your mind occupied and always remind yourself its temporary and will go away

Usually it takes me around a weeks time to get back to normal also we should keep a journal /book on why we slipped what were the conditions and situation that caused us to slip write it down and make a plan that in future we wont let this happen if the same situation or conditions take place

Apart from this chill it’s just one slip recovery is a process a journey not a place we reach its not a station we have to reach and slipping doesn’t means we have gone back to start and it will now take time to reach there again no it’s a process and quitting any addiction will have slips just keep a track why we sliped learn from it avoid making the same mistakes again and soon we will not feel going back to the same old habit ever but till then we will make mistakes we are humans we just have to make sure the mistakes are not the same again and again our goal is to keep the mistakes new most of the time and as less as possible

So hang on there brother let the low mood pass and get ready and get back on the recovery process

If it’s really very bad tell a family member about how you feel and also visit a doctor with them there is no harm to get some professional help

Take care buddy let me know how you doing later


stop judging yourself. stop self pity. acknowledge your suffering. practise being mindful af. analyse without judgement, like a third person whenever you fail. meditate, read, exercise- build atleast one habit with strong foundation. replace Pmo with those.
you’ll get over this buddy, hang in there.


Thanks u so much bro
I will let this time pass anyways , i will try my best :muscle:

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Thanks :pray:
I will try my best

Guys check this out

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