Please help and give some practical advise that worked for you

I feel shamefull, angry, annoyed, guilty, weak, lazy, brain fog, slow, lethargic, low self esteem, self doubt, hesitation, tired, boring and most importantly my inner self is crying. I do it mostly if I watch some sort of adult content, whether it is porn, insta pic or some adult movies or tv series. The urge to watch this never go, if I work toward my goals I feel less stimulated coz it is time taking process and my brain demand some sort of quick stimulation. For which I end up doing this sinfull act over and over again.
Therefore I need help from you guys, what should I do if my brain ask for quick stimulation???


First of all, try to eradicate ALL sources of triggers, it’s basically impossible to go on this journey without eliminating all pathways to relapse.

For quick stimulation, I suggest deep breaths and visioning your dreams and goals ( don’t mistake this with daydreaming). Visioning success works for me and it does bring joy. It’s not that easy though for getting dopamine boost in a short amount of time except PMO which is bad and addictive. Try some things that you may not know would interest or make you happy. Experiment stuff and find whichever works.

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I feel you bro , I had all the simptoms you mentioned except that inner self crying , for me mediation works the most and some good old healthy yoga , it clears up your mind and help reduce brain fog

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