Please guide me

I was in day 10 yesterday. I started nofap because of performance anxiety. Yesterday I tried having sex with my fiance.

  1. 1st I ended up having premature ejaculation.
  2. 2nd time I ended up having delayed ejaculation.
  3. I was also having a fear of losing erection while standing.

Recently I also got my penis ultrasound. Everything was normal.

Can no fap hard mode solve all these issues. Please suggest. Please help.


Watch videos of how to control anxiety,take a deep breath and hold for some seconds and release this will free your mind and anxiety will be controlled by you ,your mind is powerful than your habits so you can do anything, premature ejaculation will occur due to over anxiety ,do sex like a one day match not like a t10 ,hope you get my point bro,have a good day :blush:

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Can nofap solve these issues?

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Yes nofap does helps to cure these problems… the condition is you should do it for atleast 90 days… and just don’t watch porn it really affects your sub concious mind and that causes erection problems and ejaculation problems too… during nofap do lower body exercises try searching exercises to increase testosterone levels (yes there are many such exercises)… other than that do kegels exercise to control ejaculation… do meditation to gain control over your mind (the whole game is of mind). The problem with fapping is that the motion is very different from real sex and that’s why these problems arises so better stop PMO. ALL THE BEST


Thanks… I will dedicately work on this. Thanks a lot.

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Exercises like squats and all really help to increase testosterone (the male hormone) I’m not saying that just do lower body exercises, if you are doing exercises do whole body but I was just saying the factual thing that lower body exercises help to increase testosterone… but you should do whole body exercises…

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