Please give me some advice :(

Hey, so at the age of 11-12 I got hooked up on p**n*graphy and I couldn’t stop masturbating. At this point I really want to stop, my urge is just unbearable for me. After that I go through a relapse. Does anyone have any advices that can help me? I don’t want this to define my future. I really want to stop. I feel terrible after masturbating. Please help me.


I really need help!

Bro read my reply to this post. It will surely help you. You will become free from all this shit.


Your Age and how old is your addiction??

Thank you so much. I’m grateful to be on this platform knowing that there’s people like you here to help me overcome this addiction. I will surely take note of your reply to that post. Thank you once again :pray:


Set your goals brother… and make sure your goals are bigger than your addiction…

Fight for what matters…

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Thank you for replying to my post. I will try my very best to reach my goals to put an end to this addiction. Thank you :pray:


I wrote this on some other thread, just copy pasting with some edits…

The first problem was, we dont believe that we could actually beat this thing. We want to beat ofcourse but we doubt if that truly happens. We have to be confident. Anything is achievable when we give our 100%. Us humans are always surprising. You cant believe how much we can fight at the face of adversity and how much we will be able to fight for ourselves when we need to.

Second problem was, even if belief was there, its scary to be without all the pleasures that PMO would bring. So we feel that we are missing out soon after we start nofap, hence relapse. So we need to be truly ready without those pleasures. You see, dopamine is a very complicated thing. For example, the longer we do something, lesser the pleasure we get from it. When we stop all of a sudden, we feel the worst. But then when we wait, we get pleasure for simple things in life, so our brain resets. So even if you are not truly happy for a while after quitting, dont left that make you relapse. Find the strength and hold on… You need to have high patience to truly conquer an addiction. But know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For all the hard things you go through, for all the patience, the rewards are 1000 times better.

Third, with belief as well as desire, we need bullet proof reason to quit. Why because…
We are more dangerous when we got nothing to loose.
Example, look at cigarette smokers ( I was that years ago, and was sober for 5 years, I consider myself a non-smoker now and not as someone that quit) they know its wrong, most of them want to quit, they know all the health issues that follows with it, but guess when most of them quit? When their health is actually in trouble. Then somehow their confidence level rises to beat the addiction… Same issue here, we dont think that its our worst situation yet. But trust me bro, you dont want that worst situation. But again, thats how our mentalities are… We keep trying only to fail again and again. Trying to convince ourselves we are trying, failing for our pleasure.

So change the approach, change the motivations behind it, change the reasons, look for things to do when urges hit ( plan it before - liking going to a war with weapons), find the way to feel that this time is the worst case scenario, like you have to do quit now and there is no other way around it. Prepare for what ever happens scenario, Because without that, its hard to quit, and by whatever happens, I mean " what ever happens, I am quitting this thing, doesn’t matter the urges, think of the worst thing that could happen (both physical, emotional or others actions), and tell yourself, even if that happens, i wont relapse, that way you are preparing to make sure no excuse will make you relapse"
On top of that, make sure there is fire in you every single day to keep going. One day if you skip or not on your best self, relapse happens. So things has to be concrete in every direction. Also, develop good habits, because we need self discipline too. Overall, get ready to actually get worse to be better. Hold on in the worst situations, bring the patience always. One day, you are gonna reap the rewards.

Rooting for you, my friend. Peace :v:


You can go on typeracer or 10fastfingers and do typing competitions until the urge is over. Thats how I survive them. Its better than youtube or memes for distraction because it keeps your hands occupied and your mind can escape away from the urges until they are over.

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Most welcome @Legend_Mian you will become a legend in nofap believe in yourself. Take oath that you would never relapse in your life again.


Thank you so much for replying. I’m grateful to be on this app knowing there’s people like you to help me overcome this addiction. I’ll do my very best to overcome this. Thank you again :pray:

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Bro don’t worry. You have made a decision to quit and that’s the first step towards freedom that you have already taken. Congratulations.

I’m copy posting one of my posts here.

You will not relapse ever if:

  1. You don’t ever peek. You don’t look at opposite sex.
  2. You don’t ever use screen for entertainment, you don’t watch movies, series and animes.
  3. You don’t ever just aimlessly scroll social media. Don’t use any social media. No fb, Yt, snap chat, Instagram, Reddit etc.
  4. You don’t ever lie around doing nothing and thinking about pleasure or fun thing to do when you are bored… Instead you already have a routine beforehand that you follow every single day. You plan your entire day after waking up or before sleeping ( for next day)
  5. You exercise and meditate everyday.
  6. You fast now and then and watch your diet closely.
  7. You spend time with family and non triggering clean friends.
  8. You are happy and satisfied with life.
  9. You improve your spirituality, be religious or have moral rules and ethics.
  10. You believe in yourself

These 10 rules require amazing sacrifice and self control Initially.