Please be informed about recent action against NoFap community

From what I read here some individuals (probably from porn industry) try to deplatfrom NoFap community. Rewire Companion forums is just another place where we discuss about negative porn effects on human lives, but we still should be aware what’s going on in other communities like that main one.

So, shortly if you notice some weird posts, users encouraging to watch porn, presenting pro-porn arguments, show false claims to prove its nothing wrong with watching porn, report them to moderators.

I wish tgat assumptions were wrong and nothing like this take place, but if it’s true we might experience similar story like with tobacco industry. It was when big tobacco companies started to discredit science and massively promote tobacco among all media.

I know that porn is still not so much advertised in mainstream, but who knows what will happen in the future when current generations die. What we see at the moment is content which become more and more sexualized in movies, adverts, newspapers, internet, but guess how motivated big porn industry will become when they start to notice that people are waking up and the truth of PMO effects will slowly begin to appear on the surface.

They will try to destroy it, crush it, cover it with all paid articles, studies nonsense; just because they will be loosing the ground under their feet.


Don’t trust any article, research or study which promotes PMO as a normal, natural activity.

Make decisions based upon your own experiences, what all you experienced when you were engaged in PMO and what you are experiencing while on NoFap!


Sure guys will keep an eye out


Hey reloadingsacks, thank you for sharing this. P*** industry is playing hard to destroy the nofap community as a whole, no wonder they would try out cheap strategies to do it. Good thing that you compared this with tobacco industry and some drug companies, well this is sorta the same.

Well we need more engagement in this topic. More and more people should be aware of this. It would be nice if people in this forum starts acknowledging this article.