Please any body

Guys I am relapsing 3to 4 times a day, after falling from 25 days streek and I have failed more than 70 times
And now I will not start my streek again without any strategy

Guys please can you provide me any strategy


This is the best strategy for permanent freedom from addiction to pornography. Read it and follow all of the instructions, and watch your life transform.

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I came across this book several times, is this that really benefitting and useful?? :thinking::thinking:

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Bro even i am going threw same situation, but i set a Goals for a week, 1 week is too difficult ik, but after crossing that u will not get any urges for me it’s work, I’m not sure about you

Hahah it’s depend if your really wanted to leave pmo without reading that book you can leave if you don’t want to leave nothing can stop you, but i really like that book to be honest, it given certain knowledge about how pmo can affect your life

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It’s simple if you really want to change your self then anyway you will do it.

Like this example when you are very hugry you will eat whatever food anyone give you , even you don’t like the food you will eat that also on this time. So this also the same you have to invest time and energy on this journey on every level. All the Best. Sorry for bad English.

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I agreed with brother @Forerunner .
This book is powerful. It doesn’t force you to stop, but it Will make you aware about the brain washing of the PMO.
Thanks brother for spreading the awareness.

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Take this. My highest streak before reading that book was 19 days. After reading it highest 134.
Current around day 40
Now decide for yourself if it works or not

Bro I also used to relaped 5 times a day now I am relapsing 2 times a day

Secret of this achievement -

Start writing journal
Start fighting with people like once go in neighbourhood house and beat any people there
It will help you.:heavy_check_mark::muscle:

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Bro this book is useful, but i cannot guarantee success as I’ve read it 2 times completely. The book gives lot of mental strength but you also need lot of physical effort to kick out the ‘withdrawal pangs’.
I recommend something like Cue Exposure Therapy to stop relapsing. I had a 30 day streak during by school days as I was busy and social all day. Now due to covid, everything is kinda closed up. So lot of free time and inability to achieve tough goals leads to frustration and relapse.
I got 15 days clean just by doing jumping jacks whenever an urge came.

@alphadude The book works when we follow its instructions. I’ve read it multiple times too because I failed to follow them. It doesn’t take physical effort to deal with the withdrawal pangs unless we aren’t following the method the book recommends.


Hey brother :grin: he gave his experience about easypeasy…now everyone’s opinion is definately different…and everyone’s body and mood also…
So find the best solution which fits for you.


Ofcourse Imma gonna destroy :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: this bad addiction’s whole career in me :fire::fire::fire::sunglasses::sunglasses:


About easypeasy, my advice is: If you really want to quit and until now you didn’t escaped yet, READ, you will not lose anything.

if you read and relapse, don’t be stupid, re-read again and again until you really escape from the trap, because easypeasy is the best tool to escape from PMO addiction.
with easypeasy you will escape, the problem is: like me some need to read several times. but anyway those things that we do in order to stop, didn’t work, unfortunately. you know it, you have tried many times before.

so if you really want to quit, start read right now, and “help others on the sinking ship”.

I didn’t understand why you just don’t read something everybody is recommending, maybe you are too busy saving the world and don’t have enough time, if because of it OK. but if you are doing nothing, wanting to quit PMO and do not read it yet, you do not want to quit. sorry.


Yep I’ll take it I’m reading it not even 1/5th completed thou I’m getting a different kinda of perspective


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