Please any body tell me

Yesterday I asked …what makes your no fap success for 1 or 2 or 3
And the answer was…“disipline”

So I want to know what you guys meant by discipline???


Discipline is you should stick to the plan :memo: whatever you made for yourself, follow till the end of the year or forever. You must be man of your own words. What you say should reflect on your acts.
Even if you skip some days on your habits because of some excuse… You shouldn’t break the consistency.
You must be dedicated towards your goals 24x7.


I can’t give you the recipe of success as I’ve never been there. But honestly I think discipline is only a part of success. I wouldn’t recommend to count on it 100% .Here is why: imagine you have to lift and hold some really heavy thing. You accumulate all your strength and hold it. But you can’t hold it forever as your arms and the whole body is getting tired. So eventually you’ll drop that burden. I think it’s the same thing here. Discipline is a great, fabulous thing for beginning, wonderful helper, but it can’t be your lifesaver. Using this tool (discipline) you have to change your mindset. However, have no idea how to do it. But maybe someone has :slight_smile: so start with a discipline - like no too much free time, but don’t put things to that you struggle doing. It has to be a bit hard, but not something absolutely "out of your league " and at the same time think why you don’t need your addiction, why would you be better without it, what harm are you causing for others by doing it. Try to find your way :slight_smile: and look for support, for sure!


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