Please answer me

please someone answer me
I’m in day number 6 and today I made a little mistake… I watched a little naked girls videos and I touched my self for few minutes without coming… what should I do? do I must to start again or just continues?
sorry for my English I’m not very good on it

If you’re doing hard mode, yes.
Simply be honest with yourself and take a look at your number. Do you feel it’s OK to continue? Or do you feel that you actually cheated thus you should reset?


Or you could promise to yourself that you will do your best from now on and avoid any and all sexual content and take away 3 days as a form of punishment. Thus you will be on Day 3.

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great idea I will take away 3 days… that’s mean I’m in the day number Too bad but I will not make a mistake again I hope so
thanks a lot :blush:

You don’t need to reset your counter, just bear in mind -3 days. So, when you reach Day 20 for example, you are on Day 17.

But also, don’t take the day counter seriously as it’s your holy grail or something.

The key is to draw your mind away from corruption, that is, key improvements.

Work hard to improve yourself, knowledge, body health, meditation/prayer (spiritual clarity) during your recovery process.

The road us long for us Rebooters. Good luck.

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Never play with fire…by watching such videos you are adding fuel to the fire…never do that… watching such videos is more bad than anything, pls bear that in mind…it can drag you to the same pit and if u want to stand out and walk confidently in life with no guilt, then stay away from such videos…guard your eyes, develop good habits and practice self control to stay away frm such thing and attract good things…good luck


Edging is also not acceptable. I was on day 3 and touched myself and started again be honest with you but I will suggest u the same reduce your current streak to half.

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Its called Edging.
Edging is worse than orgasm.

90% people relapses after such incident. It will take huge mental pressure to get over edging & move on.

I suggest you forget about this incident & get back to basics :

  1. No watching.
  2. No touching.

Pls remember one thing…u can never ever masturbate without touching…so make it a promise to urself…no touching ever…ur only priorities should be:

  1. No touching=No porn
  2. Keep repeating 1st priority.
    Hope u understand bro…good luck