Playing with my monkey

So for 3-4 days i have been playing with my monkey, i put my hands in Pants played around (didn’t stroke) came to a point of ejaculation and stopped does that mean a relapse ? I know i am guilty of this should i relaspe start again or is it ok to get on and continue the streak without playing with d. I am on day 21

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If you don’t O too much and don’t feel lethargy, you don’t relapse. Keep going.

I also edge to pics a little bit to counter my depression, hopelessness, and loneliness.

True man pics are worse, i can control porn but photos of some of my hot friends get me into trouble

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So do you just edge or do you ejaculate?

So i have been edging never ejaculated in 20 days but i read on forums and I made my decision that I would ejaculate and now I have started my counter from zero. This time no edging.


So you edge to cope with feelings? That’s a relapse in my book… But it differs from person to person.

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In my book book edging is still relapsing …but it depends from person to person