PK'S Personal Accountability Entry

In the name of God The Most Merciful The Most Gracious, (Day 0)

Peace be upon with you all, as with most of us who’s in this situation verily I’d like to state that I’m no different.

I’m a brother living with this addiction since I was 14 (2240+ days) as of this writing. Indeed my past has been riddled with grief, sorrows and sadness the mistakes I made are immense but my determination is never diminished. Indefinitely with every problem, there’s always a solution and within my lifetime I’ve known the mistakes I made and indeed with that in mind this time will be different.

Mistakes I’ve Made In The Past:

  • Procrastinating
  • Sleeping Late
  • Not having any accountability
  • Idling and spending alot of time in bed
  • Not taking any action when urges strikes
  • Not having a positive mindset

Solutions To Counter Them:

  • Will be sleeping early around ~11:30PM
  • Will maintain and follow a strict and stern schedhule
  • Told people who I’ve trusted about this
  • Will be avoiding places and circumstances that would lead to being too comfortable and finding uncomfortably (Productive activities) as much as possible
  • Will be taking cold showers ASAP when urges strikes
  • Will always find ways to motivate myself

Things to remember:

  • Brain fog
  • Eye pain
  • Physical and mental weakness
  • Remember the pain and times your cried because of this

1st Goal (3 Days) Will Be Updating From Time To Time!


All the best brother, Keep moving :muscle: :muscle:.

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Thanks man I totally appreciate it likewise!!! :fire:

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Day 3

All praise is to God! I made it next target 10 days:

Improvements felt so far:

  • Little to no neck stiffness
  • Less eye pain
  • Increased concentration
  • More energy for productivity compared to previous days

Day 4

Urges are ramping up (Good sign as it means your energy is replenishing).

Gotta apply the usual method in controlling this regularly (Cold Showers, Utilizing energy in productive means and etc).


Day 7


Started applying sleep early and waking up early habit

  • Cold Showers are quite helpful when it comes to giving yourself some motivational boost!
  • Meditated more frequently

Will update more!

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Day 10

Achievements of the day:

  • Did some intensive labor chores today for 3 - 4 hours
  • Woke up very early!
  • Cold showers
  • Meditated frequently

Next target 20 days! (Will update more)

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Day 13

Critical moments like these is when you gotta step up your game (discipline-wise!)

Achievements made:

  • Regular Cold Showers
  • Meditation
  • Office related work completed will outperform better than days before as days go by
  • Being productive

Will update whenever time’s available

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Day 18

Praise to God all’s good one thing I tend to notice when it comes to the whole situation is to always try to stay productive!!!

Will update in the future!

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hey there i really love how you started the diary with a lst of mistakes and remedies :wink: great thinking!
how are you feeling?
how is your streak?

bests keep up the good work