PIED recovery duration?

Successfully completed 9 days. Can I get any better on bed after 12days?
Was uable to hold for even a minute. Watching porn since 11yrs n strtd watching at 10. Wtf I did WID me.
Ne suggestion. Need help guys.

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How long you are fapping Brother ? Kitne saal se mutth mar rha hai

13 years addict here.

After starting NoFap I had a flatline of ~12 days. No appetite in sex whatsoever. Had many PIED incidents before which almost ruined my current relationship.

After ~15 days I had sex again with my gf and what can I say? It was a blast!! No PIED since then.

It really helps but depends on your personality, mood and character.

Thanks man…hope it goes d same for me :wink:
Completing 11 days