PIED and ejaculation issue

Have any body recovered from PIED and premature ejaculation due to nofap and pls share the experience during the journey and appr how many days it take to recover(my age is 32)

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I’m not really qualified as I’ve never experienced PIED. Maybe I can give you some words of encouragement still.

The root cause of PIED is to some extent porn induced as the name says of course but everything around it also plays a huge role. Sometimes it’s a feeling of shame, the pressure of “having to perform” or a combination of those with dietary issues (vascular issues). I’m in no position to diagnose whatever you have or it might be in your case, I can also give you some piece of advice that might help.

It might seem pretty obvious but still: keep abstaining from porn and compulsive masturbation and trust the process. Whatever masturbation practices you might have been doing, those can harden your sensation and thus “normal” sex might seem to little stimulation. Also, the constant stimuli from porn, that gives novelty and huge dopamine spikes, make other stimuli seem little. So again, abstain and your brain will heal from that also.

Maybe not so obvious but: check your diet. Do you have beans, lentils, berries, fruits, other kinds of greens, nuts, seeds and enough water as a regular part of your diet? A healthy and diverse diet combined with working out helps your vascular vessels to stay clean and thus your erections will improve too.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Keep on abstaining, walking the clean path and try to have sex without pressure. Give yourself time to heal.

Take care.

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Thank you very much very useful will follow as much as possible

I have recovered from both of them. Fo exercise and PmO performance will hugely improved.Have good food,exercise and PMO you will get rock solid erection soon


How many days it took for you to recover bro

Many times i had gone into this state. max 60 days to even 90 days body takes to recover

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