Physical frustration

Been more than 20 days for me since my last relapse and I’m really frustrated sexually now i can’t stop thinking about orgasms and i feel my balls heavy and they pain sometims i really need some help guys


Like I told another guy, you need to channel all that extra amount of energy into exercise. I recommend that you exercise for about an hour or an hour and 30 minutes. After that, take a cold shower.


After exercise and a cold shower, meditate on the reasons why you’re doing Nofap. Put your thoughts into a journal.


Watch out for traps your brain do , to make you fall brother, and one of them is this story of balls heavy and pain , is just one of them, just a psychologist, we are discussing an addiction here, is ALL in Your mind , don t listen to It , Just ignore It , keep walking


Dude even I’m having heavy balls and pain…
And I can see them little enlarged…