Phimosis exercises.

I’m beggining. The hot times are when i go to bed. I can’t sleep easily and i’ve many memories of horny moments with a girl. I’m doing exercises to cure my phimosis so i need to masturbate a bit. What do you recommend me in my situation? It’s really hard to do these exercises without came.

Hey dude I am on day 21 I also get erotic thoughts at night or before sleep & hard to sleep but difference is attitude.ll Thing is you need to learn that you need to get a surgery You get those thoughts because you don’t read fucking good books & may be you are chasing girls(If not you are awesome). Fuck off girls from life those are worst than cocaine I am telling you this because those girls are fucking with your life/career goals & making you masturbate every night & making you weak. I am sorry due to telling you in rude manner but there is polite way to tell this but that is not the most influential on you.

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True when you realise you need to stop chasing woman and start focusing on yourself it actually seems pathetic, what do they give back? A dopamine rush? That’s all? If anything we should be focusing on bigger things chasing and being lustful leaves us dull, weak and prone to all kind bad stuff, I agree we should do better