Pervert to Yogi - A Journey towards mindfulness

Dear Friends,

Life is all about memories. Not only the brain, Every tissue in our body holding bunch memories of our past. These memories causing so much damage to future. Whatever the addiction, stress, fear the human being facing are because of these memories.

What we are today is what we faced yesterday. If we want to change anything, first we need to accept and understand that. The porn addiction is not a external force but your internal memories. The one you gathered for a long time.

So here is the time to rewire. It is not so easy to change the 10 years of memories in single day. It needs lot of energy to destroy. It is necessary to create good memories once we destroyed the bad ones. So I am seeking power from all possible sources like self confidence, spiritual even in astrology.

I am going to share this process, so that it may help someone else. First thing I am going to do is one astrology remedy. Today is Friday, Friday is day of Venus, the one who is the god of material pleasures. So I am going to take a long good shower, and pray towards Venus to give power on this war.

“Change is right inside you”

Thank you !


Welcome on board!

I’ll follow your diary.

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Day 1

I found a simple logic in this research. Our mind will control us if we think ourself low. We need significance amount of self confidence to control over the mind.

Yesterday I started writing some gratitude in my life. I felt positive from the morning. The mind was completely in my control. Later when I watch cricket match I got urge when I saw some advertisements that trigger me always.

But my will power helped me over come the urge. From this my observation is there are 100s of things around us that remind us the porn. So we need to build 1000s of things that remind as not to fap.

Successfully completed Day 1 :mountain_biking_man:


For sure! It’s the first day of a long list :slight_smile: