Periodic rant about some issues

Hey new members and old members who forgot my last topic about this.
Every now and again I feel like people forget about some basic things which are crucial for an effective nofap journey

  • Stop to wait for nofap to cure your problems!!
    So often you can see posts like: will i be able to talk to girls, will I get a good job, will i have more motivation, will I get a girlfriend, will I be more masculine. I think you get the point
    nofap will never, like really never, provide you these. YOU have to change to get these. You are already now able to talk to girls. But no one is good in something without practice. For being more self-secure you have to train your mind.

  • Porn is not the reason for your problems!!
    You don’t have a shitty life because of porn. It is because of YOUR bad decisions which led to you watching porn to feel better which led to the opposite. Porn is amplifying your problems. So, figure out what your problems are

  • After 90 days you are rebooted
    This is probably the most damaging and annoying believe in every nofap community. I know sooo many people here who relapsed after 90 days. some even after years. And at the very moment they relapse, they are again exactly where they stopped 2 years ago.
    You ask why this is so? If you reach 90 days due to pure willpower you will relapse in the very moment where your willpower stops to focus on nofap. And at some point in time this definitely will happen.
    An effective reboot can only happen if you change your habits!
    You can’t expect to keep everything unchanged and just cancel porn out of your mind. Imagine an obese person who starts to stop eating sweets. It will work for some time but eventually he or she will fall back into the trap

  • Stop taking this counter so seriously!!
    I don’t say you have to not count everything you feel is a relapse as a relapse. But the thing is, it really doesn’t matter whether this clock shows 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. Same, 31, 32 or 33 doesn’t make a difference. You won’t be a different person because of the counter showing one day more. Important is the statistic. How is your counter evolving. Are you always relapsing in a sub 7 day fashion or can you reach 1-2 months regularly. This is what matters. This shows in which state you are. If you reached 30 days for 4 times consecutively, you won’t be at day 0 after a relapse. (at least not in your body). Your body did accustom to your habit of less porn

  • Not everything is related to porn and nofap!!
    I feel unmotivated today? Oooh that has to be a flatline.
    I have a small penis? Oooh that has to be due to masturbation.
    List could go on and on. I saw multiple topics about hair-growth, jaw-line, eye circles, illnesses and so on.
    Some things are inherited, some are luck and sometimes you just have to sleep and relax more.

  • And one of the more annoying to finish:
    READ the question in a topic!!
    You can’t ask any questions without knowing that people will answer who clearly didn’t read the question.
    Just to tell one example. my last topic was about: How does a typical day feel to you. Do you have urges all the time or do you relapse more out of a spontaneous impulse
    And i got answers like: Don’t worry about your urges, they will fade with time.
    Other thing, if someone writes even after 70 days of nofap he still feels unmotivated and lazy, and everyone is just screaming FLATLINE then I’m questioning the use of writing a topic with questions.

Thanks for listening


Agree with most of what you say.


Genau :wink:
I’m always glad to read your posts.

I’d add;
People don’t need to feel shit after a relapse.
If it motivates or helps to see the REAL beautiful truth - Great :wink:

Otherwise, Lighten up, You are still alive,
And have the hands with which to Fap :joy:

“I used to cry because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

I had a crap day recently (un-fap related)
Instead of dealing with it, moving forward to other things - I dwelled and dwelled on it.
I had urges, a bad sleep, bad dreams
And felt crap the next day.

“God grant me The Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, And the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Work on feeling good, Even the tiniest thing.
Love it, Enjoy it, Bless it.


Well said. It 's a rant for sure, but a useful one :wink: