Perfect Training Philosophy


FORCE your muscles to do what they have never done

In order to ELICIT the growth of muscle it’s never needed before.

This is the essence behind hypertrophy. The mental edge of pushing yourself beyond boundaries comes first. Believe me, your body is capable.

This is not to say to go to 200% every time, But go to 102% each time, compared to your last gym session. (With adequate rest inbetween)

Note: Each time you’re in the gym, make your workout a little bit harder.

Do this for years.

Additionally, you will need to hone and focus the skill of your mind-muscle connection. Don’t just ‘lift the weight’, truly put the attention of the mind into contracting each individual muscle fibre in the manner in which it is meant to operate, WITH LOAD, across every degree of movement.

Couple this with:

⁃ lots of quality whole foods
⁃ Sleeping well
⁃ Min alcohol, drugs
⁃ Low stress
⁃ High amounts of animal fats
⁃ Supplementing key nutrients, magnesium,

Not every single day Is going to be perfect, but the average of our days can be 90% good with 10% getting a little loose or making mistakes due to lack of time and so on and so forth.

That’s not to say that you CAN’T be perfect with your dedication, for the results you get will scale with the level of your dedication, so its a balance that you get to choose the level of.

The closer you get to the higher end of muscle development and physical fitness, the closer to perfection in terms of your hydration, nutrition, recovery you will need to be to squeeze that last little bit of the juice out of the lemon. These upper end results will come to whoever has what it takes to be the elite.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Another important point - the best ‘fat burning supplement that exists: HARD WORK.

Couple this with a couple sets of Fork Putdowns x 10 will do more for you than XTreme Heat Blazer Fat sHREDZ Insanity garbage.

If you are ticking these boxes, you do not need much else. Just time, and dedication and a focused resolve. Trust the process.


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