People with 3 digit days on counter. I need to follow you guys

I need people with 3 digits days on counter, possibly greater than 150. I want to look at your days on “my companions” tab on the app to feel inspired & motivated.

No strings attached. I just simply want to follow you.
Please do reply if you see this.

My code is vvmh9j



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446 days!!! Man you are awesome!! Any tips?

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Sorry but I’m bad at giving tips and that too on such a high streak it’s not possible for me to suggest anything to you.
But yes i can tell you one thing… whatever you may do, do it consciously that is by being in the present. When someone masturbates, it is because of the past pleasure which comes before their eyes and thinking about that pleasure they do it but they forget about the regret which it brings. Try to do every task of your life consciously. When you know that you have nothing to lose, you will gain everything.

All the best.


I certainly do not qualify at the moment but I’ve been at 150 days twice, no PM. I’m committing to a free life, taking the right path again. Maybe I can share a bit of my experience. Feel free to add me, otherwise, see you later :wink:

My code is pt9rxb.