Penis shrinkage : Need help and advice


Penis shrinkage bcoz of chronic masturbation : Should I give up on love and marriage ?? If I give up on marriage how do I communicate it to parents ??

Hi I am a 27 years old Indian guy. I started fapping at the age of 12. I used to stay alone at home for months on stretch. Hence I got badly addicted to masturbation. I used to fap 2-3 times a day so much that I started getting nightfalls after one year…then I reduced frequency a bit.
But the habit continued. Since I was alone with very less information on fapping and it’s impact on body I continued fapping. At 16, I was shifted to boys hostel …there sometimes we used take bath in a common bathroom…first time I observed that everyone else seemed to have bigger penis than mine. Though I was shocked but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now at 27 years of age my parents have started telling me to get a girl and settle down… recently I measured my penis and below is the results :
Flacid - around 2.5 inches
Erect - around 4 inches
Girth when erect - around 3.4 inches
These numbers are significantly less than India average numbers.
… These results sent chills down my spine…also I suspect I am suffering from pied and infertility. I rarely get morning erections…
I searched a lot on internet and found the reason for my small penis. It seems I was fapping at an outrageous frequency during the prime years of penis growth. This led to immature growth of my penis and it didn’t grow properly.
Seems I have screwed up my penis big time.
I guess I shouldn’t marry someone as I will not be able to satisfy her. I have a crush and I was dating her since a while but now stopped talking to her. I have convinced myself that I have done an irreparable loss to my genitals. I have convinced myself that I should never have a girl friend or wife as I will be never able to satisfy her. I have given up on love and currently I am finding new reasons to lead a happy life. I am trying to come on terms with the fact that I will never have sex or never will I have a gf or wife.
But the biggest problem is how to tell my parents why I don’t want to marry. I am a single kid and my mom eagerly wants me to settle down and have kids…
What do I do ??? … Please help…
.fyi currently my streak is 21


Brother first what was the longest streak till age 27 ? I am also suffering same condition regarding penis.


Bro you are doing a HUUUUGE mistake here. When satisfying women, size really doesn’t count. What matters is mostly thickness, too big penis will actually hurt wimen, not satisfy them.
Honestly, really go inform yourself about female orgasm. It is caused by stimulation of the clitoral hood, situated at the opening of the vagina. It must be like literally 0.5-1 inch deep. Rubbing this organ is the ONLY source of sexual pleasure for women, excepting the boobs and other sensitive parts of the body. So as long as you have a 2 inch penis, you should be able to stimulate the clitoris and fully satisfy your woman. Everything society says about penis size is FULL BULLSHIT.
So if the fear of not being able to satisfy a woman is paralysing you, rush ahead, it is a FUCKING LIE. If you truly know what she enjoys the most, she will have a better time with you than with any 10 inches dick guy who has sex like a butcher. Moreover, penile penetration is not the only way to please a woman, if I really need to convince you by now.
So don’t worry man, your penis size is NOT a problem: the only problem is your broken ego. And also, your penis will gain a few centimeters if you do NoFap for long, so really DON’T WORRY. If you have a crush, go ahead man. Nothing really is stopping you.
GO MAN YOU CAN DO IT :fire::fire::fire:


My highest streak was around 40.


Thanks brother for finding time and and clearing my doubts. I strongly wish your words were true.
I will wait for other people to comment on this before deciding whether I should stay celibate for rest of my life ( which I actually don’t want ) or should I continue with current date and propose her.
Meanwhile what all can I do to evolve myself as a better sex partner ?


Hey u seem to be an honest gentleman who is ready to give up on love than to cheat someone to satisfy his own sexual desire. I wish penis length doesn’t decide the pleasure during sex.
Make yoga and meditation part of your lifestyle. Also consult a sexologist.

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the main reason to marry someone is not to be able to satisfy her in bed.

A partner should be someone who accompanies you through life. Someone to go through happy times and someone who helps you in hard times. It’s about sharing and not being alone. For me, sexual pleasure is not the biggest part of my relation.

Sex is one part of marriage and there are many ways of pleasuring a woman. According to questionnaires few women have an orgasm because of the penis itself. Just stuffing something big in and out doesn’t lead to pleasure.

So, don’t worry.

Also per definition, 50% of the population have a penis size below average. So, that’s no point to worry either. After just a brief search, there are countries where the average size is far below 5 inch. So, according to your fear, none of these man should have a wife either.


That is a normal penis size.
The main purpose of penis is to reproduce.
A 2 inch penis can also make a women pregnent.

A 4 inch penis can satisfy a women. Women only wants orgasm. They dont care for penis length & width… actualy women love smaller penis because it gives them less pain during intercourse.

You can fuck all day with your penis. Your wife will have to beg for mercy. I guarantee you that.

Bro, all men have penis of different sizes. A bigger penis doesnt guarantee a women the pleasure she wants.

A women only wants his husband to love her. She doesnt care for penis size.

PORN has created this confusion in your brain.
Nofap will teach you the truth.
The truth about the life.

Let me tell you a story :
In my relation… a man had a 4.5 inch penis… his penis used to sleep inside the pussy. He got married. Now they have two kids. Her women is loyal to him. Both are happy. They love each other.

Morale : cock size dont matter. Your feelings matter the most towards your wife.

Penis size depands upon heredity.
I also had masturbated heavyly from 14 to 25. But my penis size is 5.5 inch.

Believe me… you will tear her pussy apart… you are a nobbie… get proper knowledge of sex, first.

You dont have any issue… its just in your mind.


Who is the man in your profile pic ?


A Diamond comment right there.


Well ! I’m also suffered from same situation. My flaccid size is just only 3 inch and erected size is 4.5 inch. I also need some opinions btw nofap improves my penis health and i believe that fapping destroys my growing tissues . But , it will get well soon with this nofap journey…i don’t care about size as well and i hope you will get out from this mindset. Current streak : 85 Days
Age : 21 Years

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That is a Golden advice.

My wife doesnt care about my penis size. She said… as long as you love me… penis doesnt exist for me.


South ka hero hai bhai Arjun Reddy movie ka

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Oh god you are absolutely normal kid! A true partner will never take a scale and measure up your dick! Also as far as pied and other stuff is concerned now that you have a purpose to cure you need to stop PMOing completely. Stop worrying about world averages and their liberal bullshit they sell on social media. At the end of the day no pain no gain! Suffer from the pain of no-porn now and you will gain back all you have lost in the future.
Your body heals give it some time. Girth of the penis grows if nofap streak is long enough like 90 days you will notice it in your case the period might be large.


Thanks brother …as always, u are a motivator and a leader . Your words are so reassuring. Thanks for the golden advice


Thanks brother. I hope nofap returns all the lost goodness

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Don’t worry your penis is not shrinking; don’t try to test it out; after 90days it will come to normal or maybe you are grower