Penis foreskin does not go back when my penis erected

I have a doubt, my penis foreskin doen don’t go back only a little area of penis is visible. I am 17 years old please reply

if your foreskin of penis go back-- Up vote
if not go back - Down vote

plzzz answer it because I am feeling afraid because of it.
You can massage me as well plzz reply😔

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I have no idea what that means. If you could elaborate may be I can help you

Bro when ur penis erected does your skin on ur penis go back while masterbating

Yeah that happens. After the erection is over it covers the penis again. During erection it looks as if there was no foreskin on my penis.

What is your age means at what age your skin going back

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I am 21 years old. Bro if your foreskin isn’t going back by much but it is erecting to the full limit then you don’t have to worry because the makeup of the foreskin is purely genetic. For some there may not be much skin and for some there may be more skin.

If your penis is getting fully erected and fully hard then I believe you shouldn’t worry much.

But if you can’t get hard enough then there may be some underlying medical issue for which you need to consult a doctor. But considering your age it shouldn’t happen to you so soon.

Hard core fappers some times face the problem of loosing their libido, but if you are not one of them then there is nothing for you to worry about.


Thank you sir

Jai Hind


My foreskin also doesn’t go back, but that’s not a issue. Dont worry


Like everyone has already told you, don’t worry. However if you’re one of those persons whose foreskin never goes back the head even when you are using your hands then you should begin to wash it with lukewarm water regularly and push it back as much as it goes without pain. It’ll be solved after few weeks. It sometimes happens because ypu never wash it and a lot of things get accumulated under your foreskin making it rigid and more sensitive to pain.


Not like that bro, genetically my foreskin not going back. Doctor said for some people it’s like that only. If infection occurs due to it then do some surgery to remove that front part of foreskin.

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Yeah bro, but that genetic thing was already mentioned. So, I told him the other reason why that might happen. A lot of people just don’t take care of their hygiene and such problems occur.

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Stop touching your meat bro… Give it a rest.


Thank you brother, I yesterday notice this that in adut video there foreskin is back, in past I thought that they are circumsied

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You have been relapsing like crazy dude… Im your companion…

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Me??? Bro plzzreplay

Oh okay. If you do surgery you get like that. But its not neccessary.