Peeking and Masturbation: Whos the bigger culprit?

Firstly bruh I didn’t say brahmacharya is bad. Secondly I did put a disclaimer saying these are just my opinions. “You be the judge” I said it. Anyway my aim was not to misguide anyone. I use my words wisely even though I might offend people but they are not false. Im not here to prove masturbation is good or bad also. I agree to your statement saying there is no need of sex or masturbation. But its also true not everyone can adopt brahmacharya. Im being a layman when I say this

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I could tag multiple research papers supporting my claim. But tht would be rubbish. I just wanna help any bit i can to people over come their addiction. That was the original point of the post. Not the sci part of it

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Yup that’s your point, masturbation in moderation might be good according to science but brahmacharya is like a super power that all can’t possess, enormous benefits, no need to tell, all of us already know.

But bro i never said in first place its bad. Didn’t even mention it​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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For the sake of argument bought it up. I have huge respect for anyone who follows it :muscle:

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I was also pointing out the same though :joy:, might have come out the wrong way.

I’ve already said it
I’ve seen things supporting both the sides

Il just conclude and further not speak on this matter as my intended aim has been achieved, which is letting people here know peeking is just bad as masturbating.

Wishing you all an impressive nofap journey