Paul's reflections

Hi guys !!!

My " name "is Paul and I’m 19 years old.

It’s been about 8 to 9 years that I’m living with this addiction and only in November of 2016 I realized the evil that I did daily practice. Some know that my record without PMO was only 7 days conquered with much struggle and sweat in August 2017 .I’m trying to change my life lately, reading books, practicing walking exercises and analyzing a possible trip to a gym close to home. I’m studying, in 2018 I was stopped doing some work together with my father and a course in the afternoon at the end of the week, but this can not repeat in 2019, I need to breathe new air and leave the house to avoid the M q extrapolated the limits last year. I am only 19 years old and I have always been the studious boy in the room. I am very ambitious and competitive (maybe a defect), so I have never had so much about girls. I hope dedication on my part to achieve goals as desired!

My code is bg8h5j. Have a great day!


Great! you are on the right track, and the good thing you realises the effects of pmo at the right age. Good luck with your journey paul, added you as my companion.:+1::ok_hand::slight_smile:

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thank you !!! :grinning:
What is your code to follow your journey?

Best of luck Paul, wish you the best.

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Day 5

Despite being the worst day of 2019, I was able to resist the frustrations of my life and stood firm and strong against addiction.
I must also stop with other addictions that end up distracting me during the day, making it harder to do something more useful like studying.
But it’s precisely these distractions that keep me from falling into the PMO during free time of day.

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Thank you very much.
I’ll need

6 days

Hi guys !

It seems that bad weather persists in continuing.

Currently, the only attitude that makes me proud is only one day left to reach my record of 7 days without the PMO.

Chance to see porn = 0%

The only danger that can ruin everything is when I wake up in the morning and do nothing in bed too lazy to get up.

Right after waking up, I always take a pretty icy shower to be willing during the day (works great with me).

Always focused and disciplined !!!

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