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Assalam o alaikum respected members…
I need a credible and senior person who has achieved to gain control over urges. I am new and i relapse again and again. My longest streak is only 3 days. So I need someone who can share his experiences with me and can guide me.
Here is my code g4mgcs


Hey fellow rewire companion, you can add me as well. I have been doing hardmode for over 1200 days (current streak). So I’ve seen a few obstacles I may be able to help you with. I’ll add your code, and here’s mine as well.


Hello friend,
Quick question. Does it get easier over time?
I know that the body produces an excess amount when NoFapping. But does it reduce over time?

Oh yeah, it does. Because with the months you find ways to convert that sexual energy into art, sports, love for others or it can be spirituality. But the trick is to convert that energy (some call it transmutation).

I agree with that statement. Usually when I feel urges, I do pushups or things like that. And it works. But when my brain just doesn’t know when to stop, whether it be OCD or something. And then pre ejaculate sips out. It’s very troublesome and disappointing which usually causes the end of a streak :frowning:

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