Param's Diary starts (32 M )

So I always wanted to have a diary since childhood, but the irony is I have started this diary to transcend my PMO addiction.

It’s good to write it down our thoughts, it give us many answers from within, and helps us resolve our own issues.

I will try to write my thoughts on libido and life before bed everyday . I am a spritual seeker, so any fellow seekers kindly feel free to share your thoughts on libido and life in general.

So an enlightened man says , lust is the root of all desires . He compares lust to the trunk and all desires are the branches and leaves.

So we warriors need to understand the magnitude of the power of libido. It is an inherent force in every one of us. We are born with this creative force. But the force hijacks our autonomous nervous system when we abuse/overuse our creative force in PMO. It is very difficult to come out of this autonomous nervous system. We need to rewire our system which is a uphill task.

I was adviced by my well wisher that before going to sleep and just before getting up , there is a small period called hypnagogic and hypnopompic state where the mind is very receptive and in those periods we need to auto-suggest the mind the Ill effects of PMO. And the wonderful effects of nofap and the glory of your true no-slave human nature.

Thanks for listening and letting me share .


Hi amigos,
Day 2 of no PMO, 10pm IST.

had an intense urge to MO this morning, but jus watched let it slide like a passing cloud .

Feeling exhausted with no reason.
I am 82 kg, 5.6 feet , gained weight , need to exercise. But feel tremendously lazy.

I no there is no place for lazyness in addiction, infact it is laziness that landed me in this addiction.

DAY 2 no PMO

I am trying my level best not to sleep in the afternoon, so that I can sleep early in the night. Or else my biggest issue is night sleep. I watch good things initially but gradually, the content turns more and more erotic and finally end up in FAPPING.

The courageous say before the lustful thought comes to the concious mind, you nip it in the bud, in the sense don’t give it any power to manifest in your mind’s concious.

All our thoughts get power only if we consciously give power to the thoughts. If we choose not to give them power, they may remain in the concious mind like a dark cloud and pass on without creating any havoc . We should have full faith that our true nature is pure awareness, pure witness.

Ofcourse this is half of the practice , the other half is the emotions and instincts . These instincts don’t ask your permission for indulgence. It is the habit of our past momentum of actions. The only way out of this after a lot of thinking is disciplined life . We need to suffer the pangs of dry spells and wean our self from our comfort level.

I am stuck here I fuckin want to get disciplined and get out of the viscous cycle of pleasure seeking and laziness.

I have gotten 82 kg weight , my ideal weight is 70 kgs . I want to loose this weight.
I want to get up in the early mornings and exercise but I am stuck. Which is only an excuse for my weakness. Com on Self take the responsibility on your own shoulders how long can you feel sorry for your self and blame outside nature.
Thanks for listening