PapiPlayboy - My PIED easy Peasy journey 🦍

Check In: Day 1

Feeling ready to leave porn forever, no excuses.

CHECK IN DAY 2: My new goal is to be a respected easy peasy mentor, no excuses, no urges today.
Im tired and tomorrow It will be a tough day so lets get it! :lion::fire::heart:

I bought a Mercedes yeah babyyyy

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No urges, I have no interest in porn, but when Im with hangover or I get anxious Its the times that I have used it.
I got Girls and Game but I need to step up and start to get the top 20%, lets focus on keeping improving.

Mentorship OPEN :lion::fire:

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Check In Day 5: Yesterday I started with medication because I am so active that Im anxious, It knocked me out so I didnt wrote yesterday.

Today its raining, I finished work, and in 2 hours i ll have my 2021 mercedes c220, which I ll have to pay the next 5 years.

Today Im having lots of urges but I started this to set an example and help the community so I won t forget why Im here.

I ll go out, try my new car, see my Friends, come home, take the medication and sleep. :lion::fire:

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Check In Day 7: I have been talking to a barterder all this week and flirting so next week I expect to have sex, Im really getting more Girls since I started nofap, everyday starts with a morning wood… Detoxing porn and masturbation forces you to interact to have real sex, women are way more sexual than people think, 20% of the guys have 3-4 Girls in rotation, come with me and join that 20% all starts with eye Contact!

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Check In day 8: It was a busy day, no urges, Im starting to looking for a wifey, a person Who I can live with and improve my life

Day 9: Another busy week, my schedule is full this week, Im going after my dreamgirl, if she is not interesed I ll start to meet beautiful girls, i really want a couple, Im scared about forgetting to be cautious and pick the wrong woman for me.

When urges appear at night better leave your phone and sleep trust me :slight_smile:


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10 Days… CHECK IN!

This week is something else, Im working 12 hours a day to finish an urgent construction, the anxiety pills are carring me away, Im way more social and it looks like I can have many Girls, I love my Life right now, and this is a good place to start.
And also today the girl of my dreams rejected a date but I have a lot of Hot Girls to meet and choose, Im Happy as I ever been, and for the first time, single. :lion::fire:🥷:battery::beach_umbrella:

11 Days Check In

Im at the final day of this busy week, tomorrow its friday! At lunch time Im free, a weekend to relax and maybe have some sex, sex count as relapse?

I feel more energetical and focused, Im trying to REACH the superior light.


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Day 12: I just had sex, It was amazing, but also It feels empty, i want a partner to make our Life together :heart:

Yesterday was a horny day, I relapsed.

Check In 3 days: No urges, nothing, going to have sex this weekend again but I must not relapse by any means, I need to be carefull and well rested all the way to no fall in the tempation


Im horny af thinking about having sex this weekend but I ll control the urges and move on :wolf::call_me_hand::fire:

hey mate best of luck on your journey gald to see that your Ed got better this migth be a great reference to other fapstronauts and companions :wink:

and great taht you keep up with your intentions after the relapses

stay strong

and i ave to say i respect your game xD had a ahrd time believing but but damn i am glad that there are some ppl outhere that ahve good realtionsshuips(if only sexual xd) with the opposite sex.
how are your emotional relationships keeping up?


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Bro Im having sex but not with the top ones, just with regular Girls till i found my soulmate, Im back on this nofap journey, but yeah Im papiplayboy for a reason, keep your confidence high, excersice, work hard and you Will be 10% of the people, sounds logic to me, now Im healthy as i ve ever been, i don t smoke tobacco or do drugs, i gotta have fun with something, life is for enjoying It as It comes, not for thinking all the time about Life itself

Sometimes I catch an A1 girl, but sometimes :rofl: