PapiPlayboy - My PIED easy Peasy journey 🦍

Current streak: 5 days

After these days I have noticed:

More confidence and control on my life, also more communicative
More concentration
Bigger size testicles
Better quality of sleep
Less stress even tho I work 12h a day
Not have to worry about relapsing

I want to make a new diary now that I have read easy peasy, everyday I will do a check in and answer questions and messages of support, i would like to make this a safe place for everyone to talk and learn together♥️

I feel like I ve left fap for life already, so now my goal is to check in everyday and talk about my day, feelings and new nofap benefits which might cure my weak erections without porn.



This night I ve meet a girl, tomorrow we want to fuck, I ll go with confidence and post the result tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Today I nailed her, It was amazing, I have a good friend who I can fuck :heart_eyes:
She brought coke too, it was amazing, being with her 2 days almost cured me, today I ll repeat

7 days away from porn and a lot has changed, now Im starting to get my confidence back, lets see what the next days brings, I want to help people that struggled on going on a long streak too, but Im really feeling that god forgived me and a lot of blessings are around me :heart::fire:

I have a totally strong Boner right now, after 1 year or more of PIED I rewired and Im not going back!

Check In: 8 days, I feel no interest for porn and no urges, Im extremely tired, Im the one who spends all day lifting weight in the construction, the girl felt in love with me but Im highly confused as I find no girl that I like or connect with, maybe are side effects from porn and I have to detox for a while and see Life as real as It gets, I feel sad today, I don t tell anyone but I want a relationship, I feel lonely, at the wrong place, wasting my poder to do something bigger, this weekend I ll have relationships with her again maybe I just have to relax and enjoy life.

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Check In Day 10: Strong erections are back to stay, tomorrow Im having sex again, I expect a good session, bye porn! :grin:

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Check In day 11 I guess, whatever, today is a badass nofap day and It feels amazing.

This week i ve had a lot of woman attention, even from my urologist Laura lol, she was a blonde girl same age as me, 7 of October I have a testosterone analysis and even tolding her about my Pied, we started to flirt and had like a connection somehow, my knoledge about pied its something that nobody teach here in Spain, shit I want to debate with her and have sex, I would marry her or maybe Im just idealizing idk but she gets me horny easy :joy:

Also Sara, a girl I knew from highschool told me to fuck this weekend and she was with her boyfriend and me with the girl I had sex with, Lidia

I was like wtf, my Friends were stunned, but shit It was hot

Idk now I love staring at girls and looking at bootys, It get me horny, now I can just get horny with my mind, thats amazing.

For the Boys out here i want to increase your flirting a 200% , eye contact for 5 seconds with random girls that you like, a russian 20yo girl was with his mom walking by me and I looked into her eyes like a lad and she stared back with a horny face, if I do that in the disco I can tell Im 100% getting laid, nofap is a snowball effects, It has ups and downs but Im sure is worth it.

Shit, still want a cute gf, I even pray for one, I never connected with a girl, I want a girl who suits me and be happy together. :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

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Another nofap benefit, better looking body, i ve always been ripped but now some people noticed improvements in my muscles

Guys I relapsed tonight, i watched porn and after orgasm, i tried and I went fully hard again so I can really said Im 100% cured as my erections are hard as a rock.

Still wanna end with porn forever, so now the urges are going out and fuck with real girls

DAY 1:

I was partying, no urges around Girls, almost get a barterder number, my Friends say Im too raw

Check In Day 1: I was so Happy to be cured that I masturbated 7 times that day lol, now Im hard as I wrote this, no triggers, no urges, Im just naturally horny I guess, really motivanted to keep this journey going on, it was a placid weekend :slight_smile:

Day 2

I was fired from my job so I gorra find a new one, hard random erections no urges for porn

Day 3

I might found a job but its in Holland, It would be cool to me to leave Spain and start over, taking 2 years out working

I wouldnt talk about being rewired just yet… the road ahead of you is still long and the urges might face up ten times to what you felt like.

We also tend to justify relapses. Having a boner again after O’ing to porn does not mean you are cured. Its our mind trying to find a reason or excuse to justify the relapse.

But im very glad to see you are making progress with the opposite sex, and your mental state sounds alot better then your first posts.

You will get there im sure, just gotta grind it out and face the bumps in the road. Hell im almost on day 60 and i still have urges!


Check In day 4

A lot of urges today but no relapse I don t like porn now,
I ve found ànother work, and I feel at the right place but confused, also my car broke down this week… Anyways Im going to continúe this journey, just a couple of shitty days.

Day 5 I talked to the girl I like the most, no urges, no erections, Im starting to feel lighter with no problema now

Relapsed, no excuses

Day 1: I feel happy with my job, Id made some new Friends, now I know a lot more of people and Im way more social, thats nice, today me and a colombian girl flirted, i want to ask for her number, I didnt promess I ll do It, but we ll see.

Ready for another day of work and a night with my new circle of friends, bye! :blush:


Today it was a strange day, I felt bad, but also a better version of me at the same time
My car broke down last week, and its giving me anxiety because I don t know what to do with this situation.
I also work a lot but I don t earn a lot of money so its burning me out a little, I wanted to go out today but Im really tired and tomorrow at 6am I have to wake up, Im not complaing, I know God loves everybody.
Im just praying for better things to come, Im trying hard, now Im going to sleep early I need to get some rest and stay strong for whats next.


No urges, nothing, Im really tired.

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