Pandeybro's diary: want to be mature and successful

Hello guys I am a boy ,20yrs and struggling with pmo for the last 7 years.

So now I’ve decided to write a diary and share my experience that will help me and hopefully others in future.

Even at the age age of 20 I am very immature person. I lack decision making power. I lack determination, Will power, and all other things that a mature person has.

Even these sometimes I find myself playing computer games and involved in pmo like a little kid as I lack maturity. And I am a Very good procastinator :face_with_thermometer:
Whole day I am lying lazy here and there. Although having a good history in academics I have become a looser.

I want to practice no pmo along with becoming a good person by giving up all the bad habits.
I want to become a hard working and disciplined man

Guys for this I need your help. Everyone’s help is appreciated, keep watching me and guide me wherever required. I want become good at academics again. Unfortunately I do not have any loyal friend so serious accountability partners are most welcome whom I could message when needed.

Important thing this is not my personal tab so I’m not sure for being regular.
Now I start boys … हे मां दुर्गा शक्ति दे:pray::pray::pray::pray::om:


guys this is my last chance to prove myself and if I missed this CHANCE next I’ll be getting after years. I want to give my best this time. PLEASE help me guys.
And also I have limited time for this.
I have to improve my academics.:om::pray::pray:

My code:1g95ur


I also have a problem of over thinking (open eyed thinking :joy::joy::joy: of chatting with future wife, girlfriend, kids :joy::joy:etc. And that keeps me distracted always.) I want to become mature and control my brain.
so I’m sharing a video that I found very helpful.


To me I want to say that I have achieved many streaks of around 30 days(21 many times 28 many times)
But when I talk about productivity even at a 28 day streak it was zero, (very less then expected like magic)

So I want to say that I’m not here just for doing no pmo.
Rather I’ve to focus on my day to day work, regular studying, self descipline etc and no pmo is the way to achieve excellence in these fields.

Just having a streak of 100 days by playing games, or watching good stuff on YouTube insted of po*n is not what I’m made for.
I have to work hard every day for my goals. I have to keep an eye on the path I’ve chosen.
And of course nofap is the key to success but I have to use the energy of no pmo every day towards my goals :om::om::pray::innocent:


September 26. ( Day 3)
Got up at 7:30( alarm rang at 6:00)
Exercise+ running.:ballot_box_with_check:
No urges (till now):ballot_box_with_check:
No thoughts of future wife​:joy::joy::ballot_box_with_check:
Slept in afternoon (will try not to do):negative_squared_cross_mark:
Studied very less.:negative_squared_cross_mark:
Most of time I spent on rewire app.:negative_squared_cross_mark:
Going to sleep at 11:30.:ballot_box_with_check:

I have focus more not on destroying the old but on building the new so that my productivity increases.

:ballot_box_with_check::::Good points.
:negative_squared_cross_mark:::::Bad points.

Just to notify me in one go.

Today was okay and better then my previous days but I need to focus more on my work , I have limited time to prove myself…


We are all with you man. Nothing in this world can stop you if you are committed 100%
When you need support or help or anything don’t hesitate to text me or any of our companions here.

Firstly what I want to tell you is, this is not the arena where you should play!
If you really want to kick this addiction off and take your life to the next level wake up at 4 or even 5 atleast.
Be uncomfortable. Don’t ever snooze your alarm again, if you do that you loose the war in the morning itself.

Snoozing = Giving a vote first thing in the morning that Iam a looser.

Wake up and work or study.
Go for a run.

Discipline Equals freedom!

I suggest you to read can’t hurt me by David goggins, I’f you haven’t read it. That book will give you the attitude and maybe even change your entire perspective to life. It is the story of the touchest man alive in the world right now!
Above all

KEEP PUSHING AND STAY HARD :muscle::muscle::muscle:

This is for you :point_down::point_down::point_down:


You got the whole forum bro. Ask for advice and help whenever you need. You cam pm me whenever needed bro. All of us got your back. Don’t worry.


Once I woke up at 4am (suddenly one day and changed the body clock.
My head started aching and the whole day was troublesome with fever etc.

But don’t worry brother I know if I want to change I have to bear the pain and if I bear the pain only then I’ll become strong…
Will definitely try to get up early and do the work.
:om::om::om::om: जय माता दी।


September 27 day 3
Got up at 5:30(alarm at 5:30):ballot_box_with_check:
Affirmation :ballot_box_with_check:
Prayer :ballot_box_with_check:
Meditation :ballot_box_with_check:
Surya namaskar :ballot_box_with_check:
Exercise+running :ballot_box_with_check:
No overthinking (future wife :joy::joy: etc):ballot_box_with_check:
No afternoon sleep☑️
No urges☑️
Limited rewire app usage☑️
Good amount of studying :ballot_box_with_check:
Good night at 11:50.:ballot_box_with_check:

Good day with all good points.:om::om::om::pray::pray::tiger2::tiger2:


September 28 (birthday with a 4 day streak :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Got up at 7(alarm at 5:30) was tired and mind wandered last night :negative_squared_cross_mark: ( will soon change this)

Affirmation :ballot_box_with_check:
Prayer :ballot_box_with_check:
Meditation :ballot_box_with_check:
Exercise+running :ballot_box_with_check:
Surya namaskar :ballot_box_with_check:
Slept in afternoon 1hr :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Played games on pc 10mins❎
Watched tv while lunch❎
Ashwini mudra☑️
Enjoyed day with family :ballot_box_with_check:
(Other tasks soon)

Today I learner the new concept of WHICH WOLF DO YOU FEED. I saw my pc lying and suddenly thought of playing games, then I changed my mind and moved and again after a few mins I was back there and this time I could not resist and started playing. After few mins my mother came and scolded and I put it down.

It was good to have that urge of playing games but the wrong Thing was that decision to feed the wrong wolf. Urges make you stronger, urges have the most vital role in the reboot process.

From now on let the urges come and I will choose the right wolf.


Happy birthday brother :nerd_face: :man_dancing: :cupcake:


I hope your wishes come true. :pray:


29 September 2020
Got up 5:00✅
Bhramari :white_check_mark:
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Exercise+ running :white_check_mark:
Prayer :white_check_mark:
Affirmation :white_check_mark:
Ashwini mudra✅
Surya namaskar :white_check_mark:
Studying :white_check_mark:
Watched tv❎
Useful YouTube video :white_check_mark:
Brahmacharya Sana✅
Ate junk food (chocolate+biscuits):negative_squared_cross_mark:

+ want to add:(it worked, the bold letters :joy::joy::joy:)

  1. visualisation✅
  2. breathing exercises✅
  3. Bhagwat Gita✅
    4)No junk food and no tv❎
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It’s man’s nature to fap but you have 100% control over your body. The thing is you have to discipline yourself; give punishment to youself, if you fail. Make yourself busy all the time by reading some books or study a new skills. I know that at first it’s going to be difficult but trust me you’ll like the result. :grin::grin::grin:


Man’s nature is to have sex with people bro. Masturbation is on the borderline of natural and unnatural. Porn is definitely not “natural”. We need to see Fap as unnatural, weird, obnoxious, disgusting and pathetic. Other than that, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said. :smile:


Exactly brother…
Men who are supposed to be civilized are fapping and having sex the entire year…
And animals considered uncivilized don’t fap and have sex only in the breeding season…

Either we should change the meaning of the word “civilized” or change ourselves…

:om::om::om::om: मां दुर्गा शक्ति दें।:tiger2:




  1. GET UP 4-5 am.
  2. Breathing exercise.
  3. Bhramari pranayama.
  4. Ashwini mudra.
  5. Pray.
  6. Exercise+ Running.
  7. Surya Namaskar.
  8. YouTube for good(study, stretgy, motivation)
  9. Do things in speed.

10. Study Hard. :cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t do:

  1. Junk food (biscuits, chocolate)
  2. T.V.
  3. Computer games.
  4. Idle time waste.
  5. Overthinking about future wife :joy::joy: and random girls, fighting.

मां दुर्गा शक्ति दें। :om::om::om:


Today September 30 2020(7 days)
1.Got up at (6:36):negative_squared_cross_mark: try at or above 5
2.breathing exercise✅
3. Bhramari pranayama✅
4. Ashwini mudra✅
5. Pray✅
6. Exercise+ running✅
7. Surya namaskar✅
8. No YouTube✅
9. Did a few things faster✅

Did not study that hard :sweat_smile::angry:


  1. No junk food✅
  2. No TV✅
  3. No computer games✅
  4. No Idle time waste❎ alot of time waste (must change, as empty mind is devil’s workshop)
  5. No overthinking❎ a few but not about future wife.

Anyways guys the day was not upto the mark, will try to be abide by the rules I’ve made for the one month STRETGY…

Starting right now

(tomorrow never comes)

जय माता दी।:om::om::om:


October 1 2020(8 days)
1.Got up at (6:40):negative_squared_cross_mark: try at or above 5
2.breathing exercise✅
3. Bhramari pranayama✅
4. Ashwini mudra✅
5. Pray✅
6. Exercise+ running✅
7. Surya namaskar✅
8. No YouTube✅
9. Did a few things faster✅
10. Meditation :white_check_mark:

Did not study that hard :sweat_smile::angry: about 6 hrs (not enough)


No junk food✅
No TV✅
No computer games✅
No Idle time waste❎ less then last day (must change, as empty mind is devil’s workshop)
No overthinking❎ a few thoughts about fighting others and some general thoughts of talking unknown friends ( no sexual thoughts)

The day was ok but I must become uncomfortable for I want to change myself completely…


October 2 2020(10 days)
1.Got up at (7:40):negative_squared_cross_mark: try at or above 5
2.breathing exercise✅
3. Bhramari pranayama✅
4. Ashwini mudra✅
5. Pray✅
6. Exercise+ running✅
7. Surya namaskar✅
8. No YouTube✅
9. Did a few things faster✅
10. Meditation :white_check_mark:

Did not study that hard :sweat_smile::angry: about 7 hrs (only above 10 is acceptable)


No junk food✅
No TV✅
No computer games✅
No Idle time waste❎ a little less then last day.
No overthinking❎ some general thought of unknown friends.

At the night my mind was off the tangent and was thinking of future wife :worried::worried::worried: in the morning between (4-4:10am )I saw a worst nasty dream. Although no night fall happened but I learned one thing that never think negative at night else chance of night falls increases.

From now I will avoid negative thoughts at night
मां दुर्गा शक्ति दो।:pray::pray::pray::pray::om::om::om:

So what