Paint it black ⚫

This title is also a song. I just listened to it and there are some lyrics that pertain to NoFap at least the way I see it.

There is 1 stanza that stood out to me:

I see the girls walk by.
Dressed in their summer clothes.

I have to turn my head.
Until my darkness goes.

Think about these lyrics.

For NoFap these lyrics are instructions.

Guard your eyes and don’t look at things that trigger you.

Once you separate from that darkness, you can look again, but this time, you are trained and see the same beauty from a different perspective.

A perspective without lust.


I think I found why I keep failing :thinking: thank you @Vortexkicker for sharing this

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@vickyx You are very welcome.

I hope you get a GREAT STREAK soon.

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Great word @Vortexkicker!!!

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