Paid a prostitute

You heard it yesterday I paid a prostitute 153 dollars for sex because I thought it would help me to get rid of the urges, but I was wrong after the incident I felt much more worse then before I realised I fucking paid 157 dollars to a prostitute even though my economy is at the lowest. I couldn’t control myself it was like something was controlling me.

After I got home the urges was still there and guess what I fucking pmo-ed It was like shooting myself in the foot! I realised I have almost no money left. And at the same time I’m doing my truck drivers licence and if I fail the theory test or the practical test I would have to pay 157 dollars for each test to try again. Fuck!

I’m feeling hopeless right now :confused:


Firstly, mind your words. They have power to change your world,start replacing “if” with “will”. Next take a breath, and focus on studying not your error. It’s a journey not a short cut Semen Retention. As long as you learn from it your fine.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.


You know it’s bad and not good for you. Just think about those who are stuck in it and they don’t think it’s wrong!

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