Paarth (16M)'s nofap diary

Hey!This is my nofap diary where i will share about my experiences and nofap journey daily.
My main target right now is to achieve 150 days nofap streak as I’m on my Asli Mard (real man) 150 days No Porn challenge.
I hope i will achieve this Target and also improve myself to achieve the goal I’ve set for this year.
All the best to me and to everyone on their journey,i hope all of you will succeed in your respective fields.

Gonna start working hard to achieve my yearly goal from tomorrow and follow brahmacharya lifestyle.


All the best buddy !!!

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2 days completed and I’m doing pretty well,less distracted and more disciplined than before,just lacking motivation to work hard but still doing.
I used to be a very lazy person and a procrastinator and that’s the reason who the year 2021 got fully wasted,i don’t want to waste another year in laziness and inaction and that’s who I’ve decided yesterday that i will not be lazy again and leave all the things and stuff that takes me away from my dreams.In order to make my life better,i have decided to be a man of action.I know i can change myself
Next target-3 days.