PA with MI? (The addiction on top of a mental illness)

Hi, just wondering if anyone has experienced the addiction in the context of an underlying mental illness? And, if willing to share, how it impacted your life and experiences… This is very interesting to me because that is my situation

Many people have social anxiety when addicted maybe this is what you mean?

In my opinion an addiction always comes with mental illnesses. I think that often an event or period causes both the addiction and the illness and these both are then strengthen each other (I wrote about this a bit in my last happy mind guide). I don’t have proof for that but it’s just what i often hear and experience

In my case I also had a major depression, a huge pressure to perform which almost got me to a burn out, and problems to accept people as my friends

Thank you for your response. For me it was a very deep connection between my MI and my addiction. For example, I expanded my addiction into realms I never went before and the intensity triggered an ‘insane’ episode that lasted for years. It is under control with medication now, but it took years to get over and almost destroyed my life. I won’t get into detail here, for fear of triggering others.