P*rn scenes keep flashing in my mind what to do?

Hi guys I’m on day 22 for the past 2 days I’m getting flashes of prn scenes in mind that I watched before no fap. On one side my mind telling me to watch them something new might be there & on another side, it’s saying don’t watch you already fkd up like it’s a time to change.
It’s like a never-ending battle between my porn-addicted brain & me.
How long it will take to erase those p
rn scenes & fetishes from my mind?
How many days it will take? Idk but I will fight till the end.
At this point, I don’t have a problem with urges but those p*rn scenes from the past keep flashing in my mind? What to do? Any suggestion


When I was at the beginning of my last streak my nightfalls were accompanied by p* flashes and sexual dreams, but as I crossed day 80 or so it didn’t happen anymore, I know I fckd up and broke my streak at day 134 but thankfully I didn’t watch conventional p*, I still have nightfalls from time to time but I don’t get any sexual dream.
But this will happen only if you stay completely clean and don’t ever try to search for anything even remotely related to p* or your fetishes. Never ever try to peek, keep going, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t give up when you cross day 90 even once.

Actually this is kind of a misconception the thing that p* flashes and all are bothering you means only that you are getting urges to peek, be careful regarding this. If you peek, or search for any thing even remotely related to it take my word you won’t last long.


When I had started my nofap journal for the first time in August of 2020. I too have had such erotic in my dream,it felt like as if it was happening in real life. When I waked up,I realized all that was a merely dream,yet I had unknowingly ejaculated. I would say just ignore these things. They are part of recovery process and happens with everyone


Well said, thats where normal nofapper does mistake, he chooses to peak instead of keeping himself busy.
I call it the “test” because i lost at this point numerious times including the last one.
This is normally an urge, you have to grow through these


At this point your brain tends to forget about the reason you started nofap. Im 90% sure will power doesnt work at that time. instead you have to take actions now,

Take actions now, its really important.

Keep yourself busy by something. Drink water, do push ups and if possible do this exercise too, take all necessay precautions


Thanks, bro @Samaranjay @nofapstar123 @Roads_to_purity , I will try to keep myself busy & don’t let these urges overpower me.


Thisbis actually good, keeping yourself busy will really help. Fighting with the brain won’t work because eventually we will give in. Instead don’t give the chance for brain to even think about porn and kepp it engaged at all time, That is the only way to handle urges at the beginning. Eventually as our streak gets higher we will come up with new ways.

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


I started to meditate to get rid of those flashes.

You can sit or lay in a confortable position. Take deep breaths at first and then breath normally. Those flashes are going to come to your mind, but you will go back to your breathing and focus on it.

Remember that meditation is not about “blanking” your mind, is about going back to your breathing and focusing on ir everytime those flashes come.

I hope you can make it.

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