Overworked, Tired of Pain

I’m just so tired of all the school I have to do. I’m tired of being in pain since I stopped giving in to my urges. I’m working hard and still things aren’t done. I’m just feeling like I’ve had enough but I don’t know what to do about it.


Persist bro :heart: No holding backkk

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Sister, this is the mind tricking you to go back to the sad life of PMO, remember that PMO will only aggravate your feeling and you will end up broken from inside… Believe me, I have experienced it, it is tough, many people give up and die, but I am thankful to GOD that I have still not given up and fighting here…

Try to do things that make you happy, like painting or something which you like, I don’t know… And share it with others… It will make you feel good, or make some dish and try it yourself and then look at how amazing you are…

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